A car in which a man's body was found Suspected by two men stealing Wako Saitama May 12, 8:01

A man was found dead in a stolen car at a parking lot in Wako City, Saitama Prefecture. Two men walked to the parking lot just before the car was stolen in Tokyo, and then the car ran away. Interviews with investigators revealed that it was on the camera. Police are investigating the suspects that they stole the car.

On the 10th, Kazumasa Iwabuchi (31), whose address and occupation is unknown, was found in the body of a light car parked in a parking lot in Wako, Saitama Prefecture, and police suspected that he was abandoned. I am.

This mini car had been reported stolen by a company car in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, but it was stolen in the early morning on the 14th of last month, and two men walked to the parking lot just before that, just before that. Interviews with investigators newly revealed that the image of the person going through was captured on a security camera.

The security camera also showed a light car running away immediately after that, so the police are investigating the suspected two people stole them.

It was confirmed that the light car was parked in a parking lot in Wako City on the 26th of last month, 12 days after being stolen, and the police investigated during this period whether there were any suspicious persons being spotted. I am.