Beijing News (reporter Wu Tingting Luo Xiaojing) Fengchao smart express box overtime charges starting at 0.5 yuan triggered an uproar. Can I charge for smart express box overtime? How to charge? How much do you charge? These problems are still being played. Experts said that according to the relevant regulations, the smart express box is free to be stored for a certain period of time, but how to charge and who will pay beyond this period of time will require a comprehensive study.


Owner of Beijing No.1 Community Requests Fengchao to Withdraw

  Earlier, owners of multiple communities in Hangzhou and Shanghai had resisted overtime charging of Fengchao smart express boxes. Today, reporters visited some communities in Beijing and found that communities using Fengchao smart express boxes have also begun to charge, but some owners are not willing to pay. .

  Wang Lan (pseudonym), owner of Jinyu Feili Community, told reporters that Fengchao Smart Express Box entered the community in 2019. Although the express cabinet did not charge any fees at the beginning, Wang Lan and some owners did not welcome the entry of the express cabinet. Wang Lan said: "According to the regulations, express delivery is a" door-to-door "service, and the courier brother should deliver the goods to the door of the house. However, since there are courier cabinets, except for the couriers of a few courier companies, the courier brothers of other companies are in Put the courier into the courier cabinet without negotiating with the consumer at all, resulting in that we simply do not enjoy the convenient service of opening the door to collect the courier. "This morning, Wang Lan ’s mobile phone showed that two express shipments were put in Feng Chao, but also Wang Lan did not know about it.

  With Fengchao's introduction of a charge for express storage for more than 12 hours, Wang Lan's dissatisfaction was ignited again. On May 9th, when Wang Lan browsed WeChat on his mobile phone at night, he suddenly found that there was a courier put in Fengchao for more than 12 hours. Fengchao WeChat public account reminded us to charge a 0.5 yuan express storage fee. "It's not 5 cents or 1 yuan. It doesn't make sense. Consumers have already paid a logistics fee when buying goods online. Why do I have to make an extra payment without my knowledge? ? "

  Wang Lan said that in the owner ’s WeChat group, the owners were very opinionated about Fengchao's collection and overtime storage fees, and had communicated with the property, requesting Fengchao to withdraw from the community. Wang Lan said that after communicating with Fengchao and courier companies, some owners made it clear that they did not agree to put express into Fengchao.

  Today, the staff of the Lanjuebao Property in the Feili Community said that the intelligent express cabinet entered the community to serve residents. Now, the property has opened up a temporary storage area to temporarily store the express delivery of the owners. In response to the owners' request to withdraw from Fengchao, the staff said that they have known the relevant situation and are actively communicating with the owners and Fengchao.

The courier brother pays 50 yuan a week to pay the storage fee

  The reporter visited and found that in addition to charging citizens express overtime storage fees, the courier brother also has to pay fees. "I give Fengchao at least 50 yuan a week for courier storage fees, ranging from 0.2 yuan to 0.4 yuan, large items are more expensive." In front of the Fengchao cabinet in Tiantai Beishuangyuan community, express delivery Jingdong Logistics Brother told reporters.

  The courier brother told reporters that he is responsible for the courier in this area. Many residents can go downstairs to pick up the courier on weekends. Most residents call on weekdays and let the courier be put in the cabinet. "In this case, the overtime resident will charge for express delivery, and we will also charge for it. In fact, we also hope that the residents can go downstairs to pick up their own, so that everyone does not have to pay the fee." The courier brother said that he would pay for it every week. 50 yuan courier storage fee.


The lack of negotiation in the delivery method leads to heated conflicts

  Regarding the attitude of using the smart express box, the reporter randomly interviewed six citizens. White-collar Ms. Wang, who lives outside the door of Guangqu, said that because she had to work in the company during the day, the courier she received could only be placed in the courier cabinet of the community. "No way, go too early in the morning and go too late in the evening. I'm afraid that the courier will lose it and I can only let it be put in the courier cabinet. Although it charges, I can guarantee that it will not be lost."

  Residents of the community near the Communication University of China said that Fengchao has already started to charge, but because there is no one to receive courier at home on work days, they can only use Fengchao.

  Four citizens said that the reason for their dissatisfaction with Fengchao, in addition to the unexpected charges, also included that the courier was sent to the express box without the knowledge of the courier without consultation. Citizen Ms. Wu told reporters: "If my express is approved and the express is put into Fengchao for temporary storage, even if a certain fee is charged, I will recognize this method. But now the problem is that many times I don't even know." This also expressed the same attitude. She said: "Consumers have the right to know and the right to choose. I can choose whether to put the courier in the courier or at the door when there is no one at home. This is my right."

Fengchao's letter to consumers didn't say it would cancel fees

  On the evening of May 9, Fengchao Technology released a letter to users on its WeChat public account, which explained some issues. In the letter, Fengchao did not say that it would cancel the charges, and said it would introduce measures to encourage consumers to pick up the items as soon as possible. According to media reports, Zhou Guanlin, head of Fengchao Technology's Shanghai area, said that charging is a national policy, and it is currently impossible to change it. The follow-up policy mainly depends on the coordination with various communities.

  In this letter, Fengchao explained about the 12-hour storage period, which mentioned that since the member function was launched, Fengchao's pick-up ratio increased within 12 hours, which means that nearly one million slots can be vacated every morning. In addition, the letter mentioned the issue of the turnover rate of smart cabinets.

  So what does the turnover rate mean for smart express cabinets? Ding Qingyuan, general manager of Neighbourhood Technology Co., Ltd., cited the university ’s smart express cabinet turnover rate as an example. The university ’s smart express cabinet turnover rate is 1.5 to 2 times per day, which can meet the needs of express delivery. That is to say, if the turnover rate is low, the smart express cabinet is likely to appear full, unable to meet the needs of consumers who want to put express into the express cabinet.


Smart express box charges still have to go this step

  In the view of some smart express box operators, charging overtime storage fees is a feasible method. A person in charge who did not wish to be named stated that the express delivery industry has a problem that the fees have been paid, so if the courier wants to put the goods into a safe courier cabinet or other storage place, there is no doubt that the user ’s consent should be obtained. Fees should be based on open information and transparent communication. "

  The person in charge said that the smart express box charging step should be taken, but there are still many aspects that need to be cleared up, and all the courier companies need to solve the problem of terminal delivery together and get the recognition of the society and consumers.

Dispel doubts:

Are there any rules for Fengchao overtime charges?

  Shao Zhonglin, a senior expert in China's express logistics industry, introduced that on June 20, 2019, the "Administrative Measures for the Delivery Service of Intelligent Express Boxes" was promulgated by the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China and will come into effect on October 1, 2019, of which Article 25 It is clear that the smart express box operating enterprise should set a reasonable period for express mail storage, and the recipient shall not be charged within the storage period.

  "This sentence contains two layers of meaning. One layer means how long it takes for the smart express box to be stored free of charge. There needs to be a reasonable way. User fees cannot be charged within this period. Then the second layer means that it exceeds this How to charge the time limit for free storage? "Shao Zhonglin said that the method is not clear about how to charge and how long the time limit for free storage is." This requires relevant companies to study carefully. 12 hours is not reasonable. So 18 hours is reasonable or 24 hours is reasonable, it is worth studying. At the same time, after this time limit, how much money will be charged, whether the receiver pays or the courier company pays, these are all questions. "

  Shao Zhonglin said that there is a basic provision in the express delivery industry, that is, one-time fee collection and delivery. At the same time, the "Administrative Measures for the Delivery Service of Smart Express Boxes" stipulates that enterprises should obtain the consent of the recipient to use the express mail box to deliver the express mail, and notify the recipient in time after delivering the express mail. "In other words, if all couriers want to put the courier in the smart cabinet, they must get the recipient's consent, otherwise it will be illegal."

  The reporter learned that recently, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong and other places have made it clear that express delivery needs to be approved by the recipient before it can be placed in a smart express box. Among them, the Shandong Provincial Post Administration clearly responded that placing the courier in the express cabinet without the permission of the recipient is a non-standard delivery behavior and can complain; the Fujian Provincial Consumer Council also made it clear that the express mail is stored without the recipient ’s consent The cost of entering the express cabinet shall be borne by the express company.

  Beijing News reporter Wu Tingting Luo Xiaojing photo reporter Li Muyi