[Explanation] The wide range of high-temperature weather in Hainan Island since May has continued. On May 9, the maximum temperature of 42 towns in Hainan Province was above 40 ℃. Hainan Provincial Meteorological Bureau issued a high-temperature fourth-level warning at 16:50 on May 9, and the high temperature weather will continue tomorrow.

  The reporter saw in the urban area of ​​Haikou that under the scorching sun many citizens wear clothes that are getting longer and longer. Some wear hats, face masks, long trousers; some wear T-shirts but need to add a coat or sun protection clothing ... The public said that Hainan had been used to sweating when the weather went out, but the burning sensation after the skin was exposed to direct sunlight could not bear it. Therefore, people would rather sweat and not reduce the amount of clothes they go out.

  [Same period] (Ms. He, a citizen of Haikou) I would rather sweat, and I would rather sweat than sunburn. It is true. I'd rather wear a little more, that is, don't get sunburned if you wear more long trousers. Because it's too hard to fix it after drying it.

  (Ms. Wang, a citizen of Haikou) Because the weather is too hot now, (sunlight) is on the skin, and the skin has a tingling sensation, so I prefer to be sweaty.

  [Commentary] Ding Yan, director of Hainan Provincial Institute of Dermatology, said that the way people wear hats to cover their faces and long trousers is correct. And heat dissipation from time to time to avoid heat stroke.

  [Same period] (Ding Yan, Director of Hainan Provincial Institute of Dermatology) If the clothes can cover the whole body and avoid direct sunlight, this is actually a good way of sun protection, compared to sunscreen or other protection methods , Clothing can play a better role in protecting the skin.

  【Explanation】 Ding Yan said that direct sunlight on the skin for a long time will cause great damage to the skin, which will not only cause disease but also accelerate aging.

  [Same period] (Ding Yan, Director of Hainan Provincial Institute of Dermatology) If direct sunlight shines on the skin, the skin damage is actually very large. As far as our disease is concerned, sun exposure to the skin can cause one to include two categories, one is called phototoxic reaction, and the other is photoallergic disease. In terms of beauty, if long-term sun exposure is actually a stimulant to the aging of our skin. We have an aging called, in addition to physiological aging, there is also called photoaging, photoaging means that it has a close relationship with sunlight.

  Reporter Li Yufan Haikou reports

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]