China News Network, Hangzhou, May 9th (Reporter Zhang Bin, Intern Hu Ding, Correspondent Lou Gang, Shen Yifeng, Shen Jianlei) On the 9th, the reporter learned from the Hangzhou Public Security Traffic Police that a local car-hailing driver had a car accident due to fatigue driving Serious injuries to passengers. According to statistics, this is the fourth serious traffic accident involving car-hailing in Hangzhou within one month, which resulted in two deaths and three injuries.

  According to the police, the driver Wang Mou is a full-time car-hailing driver of the Didi platform. According to the rules of the platform, the platform will force the driver to stop taking orders for 6 hours and request a rest.

  The police investigation found that Wang Mou reached the upper limit of 18 hours online for three consecutive days on May 4, 5 and 6. In the "forced stop order within 6 hours", Wang's vehicle still has driving records.

Vehicles related to the accident on May 7 were burning. Photo courtesy of Hangzhou Public Security Traffic Police

  At 11:18 on May 7th, Wang was driving a red new energy small passenger car with Zhejiang A brand, and violently collided with the isolation barrier during driving, causing the vehicle to catch fire, causing a female passenger in the car to be injured and the vehicle was damaged. accident. At present, the female passenger in the car is still being rescued after being seriously injured. According to Wang's self-report, before the incident, he fell asleep due to fatigue and failed to observe the road conditions in time to cause a car accident.

  According to statistics from the Hangzhou Public Security Traffic Police Department, the above-mentioned accident has been nearly a month. The fourth traffic accident occurred in Hangzhou due to distracted driving by a car-hailing driver. The 4 accidents resulted in 2 deaths and 3 injuries.

  According to the police, at 5:03 on April 27, Wu Mouming, who was registered as a ride-hailing business on the Dida platform, drove a small passenger bus and knocked down a 70-year-old lady who walked across the road while driving. At 13:49 on the same day, Zhu Mouwei, who was registered on the Didi platform and engaged in the appointment and rental of passenger transportation, drove a small passenger car and hit a couple walking from south to north on the way, causing two injuries; 9:46 on April 28 At the same time, Li Moufang of the "Cao Cao Travel" platform collided with an old man riding a bicycle while driving a small new energy car, causing the old man to die after being injured.

On May 7, the vehicles involved in the relevant accidents burned into empty frames. Photo courtesy of Hangzhou Public Security Traffic Police

  According to an investigation by the Hangzhou Public Security Traffic Police, two of the three accidents were caused by the use of the phone by the ride-hailing driver while driving, and another was a chat with the rear passengers by the ride-hailing driver. At the same time, he did not pay attention to avoid the tragedies caused by pedestrians and non-motor vehicles crossing the road.

  According to statistics, since 2019, a total of 69 people have been injured and 16 people have been killed in traffic accidents involving ride-hailing in Hangzhou. The police analyzed that among the reasons for car-hailing traffic accidents, the weak safety awareness of the car-hailing drivers is one of the reasons for the illegal phenomenon, and the more important factor is the oversight and negligence of the car-hailing platform for the daily traffic safety supervision of the drivers.

  Hangzhou Public Security Traffic Police reminded that the law stipulates that driving continuously for more than 400 kilometers or more than 4 hours is all fatigue driving. In order to ensure the safety of passengers and passengers, the online car-hailing platform should improve the anti-fatigue driving mechanism and strengthen the management of online car-hailing drivers. It is hoped that the driver of the car-hailing car will calm down, ensure adequate rest time, and be responsible for himself and even the passengers. (Finish)