China News Service Client, Beijing, May 10 (Reporter Zhang Ni) In recent years, data released by some international agencies have shown that the female labor force participation rate in China far exceeds the global average. Giving birth and bringing a baby while taking care of your career is a huge challenge for every Chinese working woman.

  Extension of maternity leave, establishment of parental leave, and extension of maternity allowance days ... In recent years, the government has intensively issued a series of policies to escort working mothers.

Data map: Pregnant women, accompanied by their family members, line up to measure blood pressure before the obstetrics clinic. Zhao Xiaoshe

Extend maternity leave: In some areas, the baby can be taken until the baby is one year old

  In recent years, the voice of "maternity leave is not enough" has increased among working mothers. How to meet their urgent needs has become an important issue of people's livelihood.

  Since the implementation of the national comprehensive two-child policy, various regions have generally revised the population and family planning regulations, and adjusted the calculation method of maternity leave to "the state requires 98 days of vacation + maternity incentive leave." Some regions have successively increased the maternity leave time to 128 days or 158 days.

  In some areas, it is extended on this basis, and women can take up to one year after their childbirth.

  For example, recently, the Shijiazhuang City Government Office of Hebei Province issued the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of Care Services for Infants and Children Under 3 Years Old”.

  According to the above "Opinions", the maternity leave expires, upon my application and the approval of the employer, the period of breastfeeding can be taken until the baby is one year old, and the treatment during the holiday is determined by the two parties through consultation.

  In addition, as early as 2016, Chongqing made it clear that female employees who meet the requirements of laws and regulations, upon their own application, approved by the unit, can take consecutive leave after the maternity leave expires until the child is one year old, and the monthly salary during the leave is not less than the leave Seventy-five percent of my previous basic salary shall be paid, but it shall not be lower than the municipal minimum wage standard of that year.

Data map: public maternal and child room in the subway. Photo by Xiang Yipeng

Extend the days of maternity allowance to adjust the treatment of maternity medical expenses

  The distribution of maternity allowances is also related to the vital interests of working mothers. Recently, some areas have adjusted the days of maternity benefits to benefit women.

  From May 1 this year, the "Provisions of Labor Protection of Female Workers in Fujian Province" will be implemented. The Regulations extend the days of maternity allowance payment, stipulating that the number of days for maternity allowance is not less than 128 days. The maternity allowance is calculated on the basis of the average annual salary of the employee ’s employer in the previous year, and is converted by 30 days per month.

  Since May 1st, Beijing has adjusted the payment standard for maternity insurance medical expenses. This time the main adjustments to the treatment of birth medical expenses, including prenatal inspection, hospital delivery and family planning surgery and other projects.

  Among them, the payment standard for prenatal inspection was increased from 1400 yuan per person to 3000 yuan; the payment standard for hospitalized delivery was increased from 3000 yuan to 5000 yuan; The payment standard was adjusted by 25 items. For example, the payment standard for outpatient abortion surgery items was increased from 270 yuan to 770 yuan.

  However, this adjustment in Beijing does not increase the burden of payment for units and individuals. The maternity insurance of the unit continues to be levied at the rate of 0.8% into the basic medical insurance of employees.

Data map: Children's parents and parents are performing parent-child exercises in the National Gymnasium in Longsheng Autonomous County, Guilin City, Guangxi. China News Agency reporter Pan Zhixiang

Set up childcare leave and encourage employers to adopt flexible working hours

  Many women in the workplace struggle to take care of childcare and work after giving birth. In order to cope with this problem, "parental leave" in many areas came into being.

  For example, starting from November 2019, the "Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Women's Rights and Interests Protection Regulations" was officially implemented.

  The "Regulations" mentioned above encourage employers to give couples who have children who meet the requirements of laws and regulations to give them 10 days of joint parental leave each year when their children are 0 to 3 years old.

  In Fujian, the policy also makes it clear that couples who have children will be given 10 days of parental leave each year for their children under the age of three.

  In addition, in March this year, Guangdong Province issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of Care Services for Infants and Children Under 3 Years Old".

  The "Opinions" propose that to strengthen the support and guidance for family infant care, the first is to fully implement the vacation policy. Including the full implementation of maternity leave, spouse paternity leave and other policies, and actively exploring the trial implementation of childcare leave and maternity leave connected with infant care services.

  It is worth mentioning that the issue of "flexible working hours" is also involved in the document.

  The Opinions emphasize that employers are encouraged to adopt flexible arrangements for working hours, reduce working hours, and implement remote offices to create convenient conditions for family infant care. Support parents who return to work to care for infants and young children to return to work, and provide them with information services, employment guidance and vocational skills training.

Data map. Photo by Yang Huafeng

You can also enjoy these treatments for childbirth and pregnancy

  Among the regulations issued in various places, many places have made more detailed regulations on the "four-phase" protection of female employees.

  For example, the regulations issued in Jiangsu, Henan and other places include "paternity leave".

  Jiangsu stipulates that if the pregnancy is less than 3 months and more than 7 months and it is really difficult to go to work, rest should be arranged according to the certificate of the medical institution. The treatment during the rest period shall not be less than 80% of the local minimum wage standard.

  In addition, for female employees at the stage of pregnancy preparation, the regulations require employers to arrange for married female employees to be engaged in labor that is contraindicated by the state during pregnancy.

  Henan is clear that if the pregnancy is less than 3 months and the pregnancy reaction is serious, or if the pregnancy is more than 7 months, they may not extend their working hours or arrange for them to engage in night work, and arrange no less than 1 hour of rest during the daily working hours time.

  In addition to the above two places, some provinces have also proposed the protection of female workers in the stage of pregnancy preparation.

  For example, Shaanxi stipulates that female employees who have more than two miscarriages and have no children and are ready for childbirth are not suitable to work in their original positions. After the female employees apply, according to the certification of a medical institution at or above level two, they shall employ Units can adjust appropriate jobs for female employees. (Finish)