A girl in Nanjing Tangquan was killed? Street: There is indeed a case

  According to online pictures, a 9-year-old girl in Nanjing was killed after being killed. At 22:00 on May 8, a staff member of the Information Department of the Publicity Department of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee told Peng Pai News (www.thepaper.cn) that the girl was confirmed to have been killed , But the girl ’s age, where she was killed, etc., need further information.

  A duty officer in the Tangquan Sub-district Office of the People ’s Government of Pukou District, Nanjing City told Peng Mei News that he was aware of the murder of a girl. According to his knowledge, the incident occurred on May 7, and the case was under the jurisdiction of the local police station, and the suspect has been arrested. The girl was a little over eight years old and was buried in a mountain after being killed. The suspect had been in jail before.

  The staff member said that he saw someone in the circle of friends spreading information about the girl. According to his understanding, the murdered girl was a pupil of a primary school. He said he also heard that the man involved was suspected of having mental illness. The specific situation needs to be further understood on May 9 with the street office staff or the police.

  Surging news reporter Zhu Xuan Xue Shasha Yu Yan