Comedian Yun Hyung-bin revealed his mind about the abolition of KBS2 'Gag Concert' and declared that he would open his small theater to comedians free of charge. 

Yesterday (7th) Yoon Hyung-bin posted a long sentence on the Instagram abolition of 'Gag Concert' on his Instagram. "Hey Gae-Kon is abolished. It's so bad," said Hyung-Bin Yun. "I decided to open the Yun-Hyung Bin Small Theater to comedians for free. Please contact any comedian regardless of genre, age, or broadcaster."

Yoon Hyung-bin added, "The place that makes a comedian a comedian is a stage." "Good comedy performances are still loved by many people." 

In the meantime, "Of course, it is true that the current performing arts industry has been reluctant due to Corona 19, but it is necessary to prepare now to launch it at a good time to come soon." Let's get together and make good content by joining the comedians themselves. The more you do this, the more you need to join forces and head to head. " 
On the other hand, yesterday (7th), the abolition was raised that the 'gag concert', which was a longevity program, would end the last recording at the end of May, but KBS announced that it had "no decision has been made" regarding the abolition. 

(Photo = Yoon Hyung-bin Instagram)