[Commentary] On May 6, talk show actor Wang Yuechi (stage name "Chizi") issued a lawyer's letter on his Weibo, saying that CITIC Bank Co., Ltd. Shanghai Hongkou Sub-branch was not authorized by it or legally investigated by any judicial authority. In this case, printing the details of his personal bank account transactions directly to Shanghai Xiaoguo Cultural Media Co., Ltd., which had economic disputes with it, violated his personal privacy. The lawyer's letter stated that Xiaoguo Culture and CITIC Bank Shanghai Hongkou Sub-branch should immediately stop their violations, and fully compensate for the economic losses caused by the client Chizi for their violations, and at the same time apologize in public media.

  In the early hours of May 7th, China CITIC Bank responded and apologized for the talk show actor Chi Zi reporting his unauthorized provision of personal running water to third parties. CITIC Bank also said that it has punished relevant employees in accordance with system regulations and dismissed the branch president. In a telephone interview with a reporter from China News Agency, lawyer Liu Zibing of Shanghai Junyue Law Firm stated that the bank should first protect the personal information and privacy of the depositors. When the public prosecution law and other state organs investigate the case, the bank is obliged to cooperate to provide the corresponding information The legality of the information provided by the bank will be questioned on the premise that the case is not handled by the Public Prosecution Law.

  [Same period] (Liu Zibing, a lawyer of Shanghai Junyue Law Firm) In this case of Chizi and Xiaoguo Culture, Xiaoguo Culture received this account information. First of all, he was provided by CITIC Bank in violation of the rules. He is legal It should be questioned. The evidence in China ’s civil lawsuits is about authenticity, relevance, and legitimacy. It requires that the three sexes are flawless. Now that the legitimacy is questioned, the corresponding proof of this evidence will also be subject to influences.

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