On May 5th, the top ten new national archaeological discoveries in 2019 were released online for the first time, many of which have international significance and fill related gaps. A total of 1096 archaeological excavation projects were approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage in 2019, and the annual archaeological excavation projects exceeded 1,000 for the first time. In the end, the Paleolithic cave ruins of the scabies cave in Nanzheng in Shaanxi Province, the ruins of Xiaonanshan in the Raohe River in Heilongjiang, the Huangchengtai in Shimiao in Shaanxi in Shaanxi, the site of Pingliangtai in Huaiyang in Henan, the ruins of Xiwubi in Jiangxian, Shanxi, and the dry gorge in Dunhuang, Gansu The jade mine ruins, the cemetery of the nobles in Zengzhou, Hubei, Suizhou, the spring and autumn Zengguo aristocracy, the ruins of the Qicheng Shichengzi in Xinjiang, the mural tombs of the Tulan period in Wulanquangou, Qinghai, and the underwater archaeological excavation project of the Southern Song Dynasty shipwreck of Nanhai No. 1 in Guangdong, were selected as the winners in 2019. Top ten new archaeological discoveries in the country. (Ying Ni Fan Siyi Beijing Report Editor Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]