(Fighting against New Crown Pneumonia) Nearly 40,000 college entrance examination students from Xiangyang, Hubei returned to school in an orderly manner

  China News Network, Xiangyang, May 6 (Hu Chuanlin, Zhang Deping) Xiangyang Hubei Normal High School and Secondary Vocational School, Technical School and other graduate students resume school on the 6th. 39,596 students will return to school in batches and orderly on the day to prepare for the college entrance examination.

It turns out that each class is divided into two small classes, A and B. Yang Dongshe

  There are more than 2,000 senior high school students in Xiangyang No. 4 Middle School in the main urban area. From 7 o'clock in the morning, students have entered the campus one after another. The public security department of the jurisdiction has deployed more than 30 police officers to escort the two entrances.

High school students returning to school enter the school after infrared temperature measurement. Yang Dongshe

  In order to minimize the focus of personnel, the school takes round-the-clock batches to return to school, requiring students to wear masks and hold the "Commitment to Return to School Health Commitment", and enter the school through two dedicated doorways at the prescribed time. The school adopts the "automatic + manual" dual temperature measurement standard, with a safety distance sign posted every 1 meter on the ground, an infrared imaging body temperature detection shed, and a disinfection point for hands and personal belongings. All personnel enter according to the set route to enter the school, a column of columns, separated by 1 meter, enter the temperature measurement point in turn to measure the temperature.

The staff is killing the items carried by the students. Zhang Weishe

  If the temperature measurement results of the temperature gun and mercury thermometer are higher than 37.3 ℃, the staff will guide them to the observation room and recheck again. Those who check normally can enter the campus. If an abnormal person is found, promptly start the emergency plan, report to the superior department and community health service center respectively, and the head teacher will notify the parents to arrive at the school and accompany them to the designated hospital for a hot clinic for examination.

If the temperature measurement result is higher than 37.3 ℃, the staff will lead to the observation room. Photo by Hu Chuanlin

  As of 12:00 noon on that day, more than 1,000 students from the school had returned to school safely, and no anomalies were found. After the students enter the school, the school will adopt closed management and implement small class teaching. The original class is divided into two small classes, A and B, and each dormitory does not exceed 4 people. In order to improve the school's epidemic prevention and control and emergency response capabilities, each school has established a medical school-linked epidemic prevention and control mechanism with the participation of health vice principals, part-time school doctors, and counterpart medical institutions.

  It is understood that the city ’s first batch of 52 schools, 39,500 college entrance examination students and 4,173 teachers will all enter the school at the wrong time on the 6th. (Finish)