Chiba women in their 80s died 37 dead in the prefecture New Coronavirus May 6 17:24

In Chiba Prefecture, one woman in her 80s who had been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus died, and two women in her 20s and 50s were newly confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. Announced. 37 people died in Chiba prefecture.

According to Chiba Prefecture, the deceased was a woman in her 80s who had been admitted to the Chiba Nishi General Hospital in Matsudo City, where a mass infection with the new coronavirus was confirmed.

The woman had been hospitalized for another illness since the beginning of last month, but she had a fever on the 26th and was confirmed to be infected on the 30th. After that, he received treatment such as wearing an oxygen mask, but he died on the 5th.

Chiba Prefecture is currently investigating the route of infection because it is possible that a woman may have been infected in the hospital. While admitted to this hospital, infection with the new coronavirus was confirmed, and the number of people who have died is now three.

Two new infections were confirmed: a self-employed woman in her 20s living in Ichikawa City and a part-time civil servant woman in her 50s living in Matsudo City.

Among them, a part-time civil servant woman had symptoms on the 29th of last month and was confirmed to have been infected, but she has not been working at the school where she worked since the 15th of the last month. Currently, I have a fever, malaise, taste disorder, etc. and plan to be hospitalized.

Now there are a total of 860 infected people announced in the prefecture.

The Disease Control Division of Chiba Prefecture said, "I think the number of newly confirmed infections during the long holidays was small, and I think that it was effective in restraining myself. I would like to carefully watch the transition after tomorrow."