2nd consecutive "Zan-Nenen Kimono Encyclopedia" Children's Main Election May 5th, 15:26

On the 5th of Children's Day, the results of the "Children's Book General Election" in which elementary school students choose their favorite books were announced, and the "Zannanen Kimono Encyclopedia" introducing the incomprehensible ecology of various creatures was published last time. It was the second consecutive victory.

The "Children's Book General Election" is an event in which elementary school students all over the country choose their favorite books by voting. This time, which is the second time, there are more than 250,000 votes, which is more than double that of the last time the sound was held. It was

The presentation was canceled to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, and videos introducing the top 10 works were delivered on the video posting site on the 5th.

The number one place is "Zan-Nenkinoki" which introduces the incomprehensible ecology that can be thought of as a "sorry" of various creatures, such as gorillas having weak intelligence due to over-developed intelligence and weak skin of hippos. In the "Encyclopedia", he won the second straight title after the last time. This encyclopedia has sold more than 3.5 million copies in total, and four works were included in the top ten works in this general election.

The boy who was in the 5th grade in elementary school who voted for this book said, "I realized that every creature lives to its fullest." Tadaaki Imaizumi, who supervised the book, said, "I will continue to search for interesting animals for everyone, I would like to introduce new fun things. "

The 2nd place is "Arukashira Bookstore" and the 3rd place is "Maybe it may be an apple".

Naoki Matayoshi, a comedian and writer who was an ambassador for the general election, said, "I want you to find interesting books by reading not only the books you like but also the books that others like." I was calling.