The results of the selection of the top ten new archaeological discoveries in the country in 2019 have just been announced. They are: the Paleolithic Cave Ruins of the Xiedong Cave in Nanzheng, Shaanxi, the Xiaonanshan Ruins of the Raohe River in Heilongjiang, the Huangcheng Terrace in the Shimao Site in Shaanxi, and the Pingliangtai in Huaiyang, Henan The site of the city, the ruins of Xiwubi in Jiangxian County, Shanxi, the ruins of the Hanxia jade mine in Dunhuang, Gansu, the cemetery of the nobles in Zengshu, Hubei, Suizhou and Zengguo, the ruins of Shichengzi, Qitai, Xinjiang, the mural tombs of the Tubo period in Wulanquangou, Qinghai, and Nanhai I "Underwater archaeological excavation project of shipwrecks in the Southern Song Dynasty.

  Twenty major archaeological excavation projects from 14 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country participated in the final evaluation. And for the first time through the CCTV new media client to the public network live broadcast. These latest archaeological achievements have provided the latest physical information for the establishment and improvement of regional cultural history, the resolution of "the origin of modern people", "the origin of Chinese civilization", "Chinese and Western cultural exchanges", "Belt and Road" and other major academic issues.

  (Zhang Xin, CCTV reporter)