Saitama Prefecture 13:31 on May 5th, seeking to refrain from going out and to continue requesting leave after 7th of this month

Saitama Prefecture, which has been decided to extend the declaration of emergency status and continues to be a “precautionary prefecture”, will continue to go out after the 7th of this month, except when necessary to maintain daily life such as shopping for daily necessities. Seeking self-restraint.

Following the extension of the emergency declaration until the 31st of this month and continuing to be a “precautionary prefecture”, Saitama Prefecture held a countermeasures headquarters meeting on the 4th and decided the future policy.

As a result, the prefecture will continue to refrain from unnecessary and urgent outings unless it is necessary to maintain daily life, such as going to a medical institution or shopping for daily necessities such as food, etc. after the 7th of this month. Is seeking.

As for prefectural high schools, we have already decided to close the school by the end of this month, and we request local governments in the prefecture to close their elementary and junior high schools until the end of this month as well as prefectural high schools.

In addition, we demand continuation of support for businesses that have already requested leave, such as movie theaters, theaters, sports facilities such as sports clubs and bowling alleys, playgrounds such as pachinko parlors and mahjong stores, and museums and galleries. In addition, he says that he may review the situation while looking at the situation.