Both the Dragstock festival and the Kiruna festival set in summer, due to the corona virus. The wooden stick festival, which has been around since 1991, would have been held on July 17-18 in Skellefteå, with live music, film, dance and performance. The organizers are disappointed, but look forward to next year:

"Right now we know that we can definitely see you again to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Trestock Festival next summer, July 16-17," they write in a press release.

The festival has been able to retain its employees, due to funding from KF Mullberget and understanding among the contributors, such as Skellefteå Municipality.

The Kiruna festival is forced to its first break in 20 years due to the pandemic. But its future has now been secured, as the main partner LKAB has signed a new cooperation agreement for three years.

"As I see it, this is a clear indication from LKAB that you believe in the festival and of a living Kiruna," festival general Alex Olofsson said in a press release.