Author: according to Tong Yue

  Safety ropes, hard hats, cat catchers, head-mounted flashlights ... Pick the things you need from the full-filled toolbox. The "post-90s" boy Yu Yuyuan (a pseudonym) who lives in Chengdu wears safety equipment The window of a kitchen chef at a hot pot restaurant turned out expertly, preparing to rescue a stray cat trapped in the wall for several days.

Yu Culture Yuan is preparing tools to rescue stray cats. Photo by Yue Yitong

  Although working at a height of seven or eight meters above the ground, the thin and delicate-looking Yuhuayuan did not feel scared at all. For him, "Going into the ground" to save cats has become the normal state of life. In order to carry out rescue activities more safely, Yu Wenyuan also specially obtained a high altitude operation certificate.

Yu Culture Yuan is rescuing stray cats. Photo by Yue Yitong

"Cat firefighters" who can be dispatched at any time

  In 2016, Yuhuayuan led the establishment of a cat rescue and adoption platform called "He Mao Zhu", which mainly rescues, adopts and adopts stray cats. However, due to various reasons, "He Mao Zhu" was stranded halfway. In 2019, Yu Wenyuan, who quit her job as a designer, once again restarted "Live with Cat", and devoted herself wholeheartedly to this work.

  At present, the "He Mao Zhu" team is composed of 4 "post-90s" boys, whose main work includes rescue of stray cats in trouble and help stray cats find suitable adopters. Their division of labor is clear, and the rescue of cats is mainly responsible for Yu Wenyuan. In 2019, "He Mao Zhu" received and rescued more than 400 stray cats, more than 200 official rescues, and more than 300 official adoptions.

Yu Culture Yuan is preparing tools to rescue stray cats. Photo by Yue Yitong

  "Usually encountered a stray cat trapped, netizens will contact 'and cat live.'" Yu Wenyuan introduced, cats are naturally active, trapped in trees, high buildings, ventilation shafts, sewers and other places are often there The matter, "We received a request for help, and we immediately dispatched, so netizens called us" cat firefighter "."

  Spring and summer are often the busiest times for "cat firefighters", and many female cats give birth to kittens in these two seasons. If the female cat is malnourished or the living environment is not good, the kitten is likely to die. Currently, there are nearly 20 small milk cats who have been rescued from the headquarters of "He Mao Zhu". Under the care of the team members, they are growing vigorously.

Yu Culture Yuan is rescuing stray cats. Photo by Yue Yitong

  After the cat is rescued, the “Live with Cat” team will actively find a suitable adopter for the cat while ensuring his health. In addition to understanding and verifying the basic information of the adopters, they will also record the whole process of cat adoption through video and archive it for easy tracking and return visits.

  "Our adoption process is very ceremonial, and will give the adopters a 'marriage certificate', and will also take commemorative photos for them." Yu Wenyuan said that in this way, he hopes to make the adopters more responsible and happy with the cats. Start a new life happily.

The members of "Live with Cat" are working. Photo by Yue Yitong

  Unlike most animal love agencies, "Live with Cat" does not blindly adopt stray cats, but instead rescues some cats that ordinary people cannot save, and strives to create a virtuous cycle of rescue and adoption to help more stray cats find Warm new home.

The joys and sorrows of becoming a "net celebrity"

  Usually, "Live with Cat" also recorded the process of rescue cats and published on the Internet. "Blindly adopting is totally useless. We are more trying to pass on the concept of 'adoption instead of buying' caring for stray animals and respecting life '." Yu Culture said.

"Stay with a cat" to help stray cats. Photo by Yue Yitong

  Up to now, "He Mao Zhu" has gained more than 2 million "fans" on the Internet, and its influence is gradually expanding. It has also attracted many volunteers who love cats to join the stray cat rescue activities. As for "living with cats," becoming a "net celebrity" is a mixed blessing.

Yu Wenyuan is taking care of the stray cats who came back. Photo by Yue Yitong

  "How to spread the concept of" adopting instead of buying "to more people?" In Yu Wenyuan's view, there is no shortage of people who help stray cats in every city. What is missing is a way of propaganda. Because of its popularity on the Internet, it is a good thing to let more people hear what "Live with Cat" wants to convey. But at the same time, some unquestionable questions also gradually appeared, annoying the team members.

  Not long ago, a cat accidentally slipped onto the pier of the “Wuchazi Bridge” on the red bridge of Xinjin in Chengdu. After receiving volunteers for help, the “He Mao Zhu” team immediately went to the scene to understand the situation and formulate a rescue plan. The next morning, Yu Wenyuan, who was tied with a safety rope, used a rope ladder to climb down the bridge. In order to reach the kitten on the pier, he changed his posture, sat on a soft rope ladder, and rocked his body back and forth like a swing. The reaction force was close to the bridge pier, and finally the cat was successfully rescued.

Yu Wenyuan is helping cats that fell to the pier. Photo courtesy of interviewees

  However, because the rescued cat was an expensive "breed cat", after the rescue video was released, there were a lot of questioning voices in online reviews, thinking that it was "and the cat lived" and bought a cat specifically for eyeballs. A self-directed play. "Some people can see positive energy in what you do, but some people can only somehow associate with various swings." Yu Wenyuan responded angrily on the Internet, "I feel misunderstood and very wronged. "

"We regard saving cats as a career"

  Talking about the hard work over the past four years, Yu Culture Yuan said frankly, in addition to the mental and physical effort, it is a very expensive thing to rescue the stray cat. Cats' medical expenses, vaccine fees, sterilization fees, etc. are not small expenses. "Prior to staying with the cat has been quite bitter."

Yu Wenyuan is taking care of the stray cats who came back. Photo by Yue Yitong

  But the situation is getting better. With the growing popularity of "He Mao Zhu" on the Internet, the click-through rate of related videos is getting higher and higher. The content creation rewards given by the platform and the advertising cooperation occasionally found have become the main source of income to maintain the operation of this team. "Fans" occasionally generously donate supplies such as cat food to help the team ease the economic pressure.

  The team members said that the reason why they can stick to the present is because everything they do is not to make money, but based on the love of cats and the care of stray cats. "I used to work part-time, although the economic pressure is less, but I feel that I can't do this wholeheartedly." Yu Wenyuan said that the family didn't understand themselves at first, but now they still choose to support. Through this career, they I also reap the love and I am very happy.

"Stay with a cat" to help stray cats. Photo by Yue Yitong

  As the latest member of the team, Cai Li, born in 1997, is mainly responsible for the editing of team videos. "The things we do are very meaningful and have great potential." Cai Li laughed, and the team members all took "live with cats" as a career and operated seriously. Only when the platform has developed well can it help more. Many stray cats.

  "Hopefully, in the future we will be able to set up" He Mao Zhu "sites in major cities across the country, to help more stray cats, and to pass on the concept of" adopting instead of buying "and" responsible for life "to more people." Stray cats replaced with clean drinking water, Yu Wenyuan said firmly, "I hope there is one less stray cat and one less."