China News Service Zhaoqing, May 3 (Suo Youwei, Xiao Chengxin, Long Xianju) A reporter learned from the Guangdong police on May 3 that the Dinghu branch of the Public Security Bureau of Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, recently destroyed a new type of network "routine loan" criminal gang. The gang did not contact the victim offline during the entire crime process, and committed the crime through the Internet throughout the entire process. The victim in this case involved multiple provinces, and the amount involved was nearly 1 million yuan.

  The part of the gang is clear, and there are full-time departments such as review, loan and dunning. From the release of loan advertisements, to the use of illegal online software to obtain victim information and the signing of false loan agreements with the victims, to the payment and disbursement of payments through third-party networks, and finally to the use of "telephone bombers" and other network soft violence methods to collect.

  During the prevention and control of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the Dinghu police carried out a special operation of "Net Net 2020", and in the process of investigating a debt collection police situation, it was discovered that a network company hiding in Zhaoqing and Foshan was engaged in a new type of network "routines. Suspected of committing a major crime.

  After some preliminary investigations, the police found that the company belongs to the illegally operated Internet Information Co., Ltd., does not have the qualification for Internet loan operation, and specializes in the criminal activities of the new type of network "routine loan".

  After careful investigation in the previous period, Dinghu Public Security Branch mobilized more than 60 police forces to carry out a unified centralized network collection operation in Foshan and Zhaoqing, successfully arrested 14 criminal suspects, and seized a large number of criminals such as computers and mobile phones. The funds involved were nearly 1 million yuan, destroyed a new type of Internet "routine loan" criminal gang led by Li Mou.

The police arrested the suspect. Photo by Xiao Chengxin

  After investigation, the criminals first published loan advertisements for "unsecured, only ID cards can handle high loans", or obtained victim information through illegal channels, and actively contacted the victims to attract victims. After the victim is hooked, the criminals continue to induce the victim to sign a loan agreement through the loan software, lend through the online payment platform, and collect short-term high head-cut interest (the so-called head-cut interest refers to the loan platform in the name of interest, handling fees, etc. When lending to the borrower, the part of the money deducted from the principal in advance).

  According to the criminal suspect's statement, in addition to the beheading, when the victim's loan is about to expire, they will induce the victim to handle the extension business, thereby charging a high amount of interest expense for the extension. At the same time, when the victim did not repay the due date, the criminal gang began to conduct a soft online violence collection on the victim and his relatives. In order to improve the success rate of collection, the gang specially recruited a group of people with previous criminal record to participate in illegal activities of Internet "routine loans".

  At present, 12 people have been detained in criminal cases, and the case is being further investigated.

  The police reminded the public to raise awareness of prevention and must borrow loans rationally. Do n’t believe in informal companies without qualifications, do n’t believe in false advertisements such as “no interest, no guarantee, no mortgage”, and avoid falling into the trap of “routine loans”, and suffer property damage and illegal violations. In case of illegal collection, please report to the police in time to protect your rights and interests. (Finish)