China Weather News today (May 2), the sunny and hot weather in Beijing continues, during the day it will be mainly sunny and cloudy, plus the help of south winds around 3-4, the maximum temperature is expected to reach 34 Around ℃. However, there will be thunderstorm weather coming to the capital tomorrow.

  Yesterday, Beijing was mainly sunny, but the diffusion conditions and visibility were poor in the morning. The visibility was only about 2-3 kilometers. As the southerly wind increased in the afternoon, the visibility gradually improved, and the temperature also rose. At 15:55 in the afternoon, the temperature of the southern suburban observatory measured 34.1 ℃, which exceeded the historical high temperature extreme value since the establishment of the Beijing Observatory in 1951 (May 1st to 5th, the first wait in May).

  Today, the sunny and hot weather in Beijing will continue. According to the forecast issued by the Beijing Meteorological Observatory at 6 am this morning, during the day, Beijing will be cloudy and partly cloudy, the southerly wind will turn from 2 to 3 to 4 and the maximum temperature will be 34 ° C; South to east winds 2 to 3, with a minimum temperature of 17 ℃.

  However, due to the influence of high-altitude troughs and cold air, tomorrow, the sky in the capital will increase in cloud cover, and thunderstorms will come to "harass", and there may be strong convective weather such as short-term strong winds or hail. Thunderstorm weather will have an adverse impact on travel. We hereby remind citizens to pay attention to the near-term forecast when going out, bring rain gear in time, and pay attention to traffic safety.