"Issues other than the constitution should be prioritized" 78% NHK public opinion poll May 3, 6:49

In an NHK opinion poll, when asked whether Prime Minister Abe should motivate the debate over the constitutional amendment, whether or not it should proceed now, 78% of respondents said that "priority should be given to issues other than the Constitution." We should proceed with discussions on revisions ”, which was significantly higher than 13%.

NHK conducted a public opinion poll using a method called RDD that calls fixed and mobile phone numbers randomly generated on a computer last month, and 58.2% or 1560 people out of 2681 men and women aged 18 and over nationwide. I got an answer.

While Prime Minister Abe was eager to amend the Constitution, I heard that you should proceed with the debate on the amendment to the Constitution. In total, it was significantly higher than 13% of “debate on constitutional revision”.

According to an adult survey conducted in the same way, 68% of respondents should "take priority over non-constitutional issues" and this time it has increased.

In terms of gender, 17% of men and 8% of women were “should promote discussion on constitutional amendments,” with more men.