Bridging companies and hospitals that want to provide masks free of charge New Corona May 1: 18:43

Along with the spread of new coronavirus infection, medical facilities are running short of supplies such as masks, but a project has begun to bridge between companies that want to provide supplies free of charge and hospitals.

This project was launched by "Japan Heart", an international medical volunteer organization based in Japan, and announced at an online meeting on May 1st.

According to this, the secretariat will manage the inventory status of medical supplies such as hospitals that participated in the project online, and if there is a shortage, distribute the supplies provided in advance by the company free of charge.

Seven companies, including major pharmaceutical companies, have already participated in the project, and we plan to call on more companies and local governments to cooperate in the future.

In response to the spread of new coronavirus infections, the lack of supplies such as masks and gowns has become a major issue in the field of medical care in Japan to prevent the infection of medical staff.

Hideto Yoshioka, the Supreme Counselor of “Japan Heart”, said, “We would like to make efforts to distribute supplies efficiently and evenly to many medical institutions.”