【Explanation】 The epidemic prevention and control in Hubei Province and Wuhan has changed from emergency and over-conventional control to normalized prevention and control. On April 29, the morning and evening peak traffic in Wuhan was already very obvious.

  [Explanation] In the morning peak period, Zhou Yan drove through Sixin South Road and Longyang Avenue near the first day of resumption and encountered several traffic jams. Although the congestion time was not long, she still had mixed feelings.

  [Same period] Zhou Yan, a citizen of Wuhan: Today is the first time I go to work since the end of the epidemic after my year. In fact, I encountered a traffic jam. In fact, I never expected that there would be a traffic jam. But now, I feel quite happy. Wuhan, which I am familiar with, is back.

  [Commentary] Zhou Yan told reporters that living in a "house" for nearly three months had a somewhat "sloppy" life. Before going back to work that day, I specially put on a makeup for myself, hoping that everything will get better and better.

  [Same period] Wuhan citizen Zhou Yan: This is the first time I have packed myself like a person for the first time in nearly three months. Every day at home, I do n’t wash my hair until the oil is gone. I won't paint it. Although I wore a mask today, I still applied lipstick to myself.

  [Commentary] Li Huici is a staff member of Yongqing Street in Wuhan. During the epidemic, she saw empty streets. With the recovery of traffic, Li Huici said that now there is a little more joy and relief in the case of traffic jams.

  [Same period] Li Huici, a staff member of Yongqing Subdistrict in Wuhan: Everyone seems to have more tolerance for traffic jams. It is no longer like the past. When you encounter congestion in the past, now everyone is faced with traffic jams. It is traffic jams that allow us to see a process of economic recovery in Greater Wuhan, because it is a microcosm of resuming work and resuming production, and we are gratified that we, the results of more than 90 days of epidemic prevention, have finally appeared.

  [Commentary] The reporter noticed that even if the citizens were in the car, they consciously wore masks. The traffic control department said that in addition to the gradual recovery of traffic, many trucks broke into the elevated and bridges and tunnels is also an important cause of morning peak congestion. The traffic control department called on drivers to abide by traffic regulations and actively participate in maintaining Wuhan's traffic order.

  Reporter Zou Hao from Wuhan, Hubei

Editor in charge: [Ye Pan]