Beijing News (Reporter Pei Jianfei) Tomorrow will be the first day of the "May 1" small long holiday. According to the forecast of the transportation and traffic control departments, from the peak of this evening (April 30), the pressure on the Beijing road network will increase. The expressways will also be congested for a short time from 17:00. After Beijing lowered the level of epidemic prevention and control, the popularity of self-driving tours in Beijing's suburbs and surrounding provinces and cities has increased, and the checkpoints in Beijing will still be a "blocking point" for the holiday.

High-speed congestion starts at 17:00 today

  The reporter noted that in recent days, during the morning and evening rush hours, the Beijing Road Traffic Index has frequently experienced severe congestion. The traffic control department predicts that the morning and evening peak traffic will be more concentrated on the last day before the festival (April 30) and the first day after the festival (May 6). The evening peak on the 30th is expected to be short from 17:00 to 19:00 Congestion. The traffic pressure in the northeastern part of the urban area in the evening peak is relatively concentrated, and the traffic flow on the northeast fourth ring road, northeast fifth ring road, airport expressway, Jingtong expressway, and Beijing-Tibet expressway is concentrated.

  The reporter learned from the Municipal Transportation Committee that this year's "May Day" holiday is May 1 to 5. From April 30th, Beijing's emergency response to epidemic prevention and control has been reduced from first level to second level. It is expected that during the "May Day", citizens' willingness to travel has increased, but compared with the same period last year, the total amount of travel in Beijing will still show a significant downward trend.

  At the same time, considering that some urban park attractions and museums have recently been reopened, and that low-risk areas will no longer require isolation in and out of Beijing, mass travel is mainly based on short-distance passenger flows in the city, self-driving in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, visiting relatives and tourist passengers. The flow of passengers from other ports such as railways and civil aviation into Beijing will be reduced, and the pressure on the urban connection and transportation of key stations such as airports and railway stations will be eased.

May 1 suburban tourism is hot

  The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission that due to the epidemic prevention and control, combined with the recent highway traffic operation situation, it is expected that this year's "May Day" holiday highway traffic volume will decline significantly compared with previous years, with an average daily 2.1 million vehicles, compared with the same period last year ( (2.73 million vehicles) decreased by 23%, an increase of 24% from the recent (1.7 million vehicles), the peak daily traffic volume is expected to be close to or reach 2.3 million vehicles. During the "May Day" holiday, toll roads are exempt from tolls for all vehicles passing by law. The expressway has carried out full-segment and full-process testing work, and all toll gate entrance and exit lanes are implemented with "one vehicle and one lever".

  Among them, the provincial border police may enter the Beijing checkpoint, including the Kangzhuang checkpoint of the Beijing-Tibet Expressway, the Simatai checkpoint of the Jingcheng Expressway, the Xiji checkpoint of the Jingha Expressway, the Yongle checkpoint of the Jingjin Expressway, and the Jingtai Expressway Lixian Checkpoint, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway to Liulihe Checkpoint, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway Yingsi Checkpoint, Jingxin Expressway Xiaying Checkpoint, etc.

  In addition, according to the forecast data of Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, from April 30th to evening and May 1st and 2nd from 8:00 to 11:00, the traffic flow from the expressway to Beijing will be more concentrated; May 3 to 5 From 15:00 to 18:00, traffic pressure on some expressways in the direction of Beijing will increase significantly.

  The Beijing Municipal Traffic Administration Bureau reminded the public that since the May Day holiday is still in the epidemic prevention and control period, it is expected that the short-distance travel within Beijing will have higher suburban tourist flow than in previous years, and most of them are self-driving trips, highways and suburban road traffic. The pressure will increase significantly.

  Specifically, during the "May Day", it is expected that more self-driving trips to suburbs such as Yanqing, Miyun, Pinggu, and Fangshan will increase. Among them, Beijing-Tibet Expressway Jianxiang Bridge District, Qinghe Toll Station, Juyongguan, Badaling Road Section, etc. The sections from Wanghe Bridge to Suan Zaoling, Miyun Simatai, and Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway Dujiakan toll station are all traffic nodes prone to traffic jams.

Limited parking spaces around parks in urban areas

  At present, all parks in Beijing are reserved for sightseeing, but due to the number of self-driving trips, the parking situation around the scenic area still needs attention, especially the parks in the urban area, such as Jingshan Park, Yuyuantan Park, Summer Palace, Xiangshan Park, Olympic Forest Park, etc. The traffic concentration period is mainly from 9 o'clock to 16 o'clock, mainly due to limited parking spaces, parking in front of the door and other passengers and other problems are likely to cause congestion. Among suburban attractions, the flow around scenic spots such as the Badaling Great Wall, Beijing Xishan National Forest Park, Beijing Fenghuangling Scenic Park, Tongzhou Grand Canal Forest Park is expected to increase significantly, and the surrounding road traffic will also increase.

  In addition, it is expected that there will be an increase in the number of shoppers during the "May Day" period, especially the major outlet malls, the East Fourth Ring Road, the suburban pavilion business district, the Northeast Fourth Ring Road, IKEA, and Xidan and North Joy City. The roads around sex malls are prone to queues at the entrance to the parking lot, and the surrounding roads may have slow traffic.