Professor Raoult's new study on hydroxychloroquine raises new criticisms. - GERARD JULIEN / AFP

This Thursday, April 30, in the early evening, will be revealed the first deconfinement map of the departments. A few moments later, on TF1, the Minister of Solidarity and Health Olivier Véran will be the special guest of the 20 Hours of Gilles Bouleau. After the news, the Minister will remain on the TF1 group but on the continuous news channel, LCI. From 8.50 p.m. he will answer David Pujadas' questions for a special program entitled May 11, instructions for use .

At the same time, on BFMTV, Professor Didier Raoult will be at the center of a special evening which is entirely dedicated to him. After the broadcast of a documentary titled The Intriguing Professor Raoult , the highly publicized Marseille scientist will speak with Apolline de Malherbe. The opportunity undoubtedly for him to return to the various controversies related to his positions concerning the treatments at Covid-19.

Record audiences and controversies expected

This is of course a very nice move for BFMTV since Professor Raoult is at the center of many conversations and conspiracy theories. The scientist, very present on social networks, has been much less on television since the beginning of the crisis. However, TF1 and LCI can also count on an audience success with Olivier Véran. As Puremedias recalls, on March 16, the evening of the President of the Republic's speech, 11.49 million viewers listened to the Minister of Health, then still little known to the French.

Exclusive interview with Professor Raoult, in Marseille. Did his treatment save lives? Is the end of the epidemic near? Who is he? " The look of the others? I do not care !!! "
To be continued tomorrow night 21h @BFMTV

- Apolline De Malherbe (@apollineWakeUp) April 29, 2020

In addition to the audiences, it is the content of these interviews that will be highly commented on. Deconfinement, second wave of epidemic, vaccine, treatments ... These themes will be widely addressed with probably two very different approaches. In the meantime, a photo is already making a lot of talk, it stages Apolline de Malherbe, Marc-Olivier Fogiel and BFMTV technicians in Professor Raoult's office, all smiles before the interview, without mask or respect for barrier gestures.


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