China News Service, Taiyuan, April 30 (Gao Yuqing, Hu Jian) ​​expressing his emotions with a pen, expressing emotions with ink, and assisting with mirrors. "Pay tribute to the cutest person in the new era-Fine Art Calligraphy and Photography Exhibition" was recently held at the Taiyuan Art Museum. This exhibition showcased 163 works of art created by three generations of artists, including fine arts, calligraphy, photography, and porcelain Paint four categories.

  In this exhibition, old, middle-aged and young artists have created theme paintings and calligraphy works, using brushstrokes to convey the respect of the frontline staff and their confidence in overcoming the epidemic, and vividly recorded the pictures and moving scenes of the struggle during the anti-epidemic period with photographic works. According to reports, 163 works were exhibited in this exhibition. Among them, 54 works of fine arts, 44 works of calligraphy, 60 works of photography, and 5 works of porcelain painting.

Sun Haiqing's "Assumed" group painting. Photo courtesy of Taiyuan Art Museum

  It is worth noting that, at the time of the epidemic, the famous 96-year-old painter Mr. Zhao Meisheng resolutely swiped to create the cartoon "War Epidemic", which was strong and inspiring. The 83-year-old famous painter Mr. Zhang Lianrui painted a series of heroic poems of white angels fighting for life with "life is more important than Mount Tai", "life ignites life", "tribute to the anti-epidemic retrograde" and "the most beautiful retrograde".

  In addition, many artists such as Li Qingfu, Sun Haiqing, Zhang Xiangzhou, Zhang Yongqian, Yan Wenkun, Guo Cunkui used ink to express their affection and pay tribute to the laborers who are fighting the epidemic.

Li Qingfu "Life is Heavier than Mount Tai". Photo courtesy of Taiyuan Art Museum

  After the exhibition starts, Taiyuan Art Museum will get in touch with major medical institutions in Shanxi, invite medical aid team members and medical workers to visit the museum, thank them for their bravery, hard work, and the most lovely people in the new era. Send the deep care and sincere encouragement of art.

  This exhibition is sponsored by Taiyuan Art Museum, co-organized by Shanxi Provincial Photographers Association, Taiyuan Artists Association, Shanxi Chinese Painting Society Figure Painting Art Committee and other organizations. (Finish)