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Since El Hormiguero is El Hormiguero del confinamiento, El Hormiguero de Quédate en casa, viewers have discovered a facet of Pablo Motos that they did not know. Not having invited on the set and having the right collaborators, the presenter starts the program every day with a speech that can be from an exercise table, going through an exciting and necessary message for the older ones, up to (and this begins to be the most usual) a drive to the Government without half measures.

In fact, there is practically no day that Pablo Motos doesn't hit Pedro Sánchez , with whom Motos has a love and I can't; Hit the vice president Pablo Iglesias, who does not love much either; or directly hit with the open hand to the Government for errors in the management of the health crisis due to the coronavirus . Hey, and you're right! Pablo Motos has found a vein in these reviews, widely applauded on social networks and by a large part of the audience. Right now it is easy, what everyone does, and what succeeds. It has undoubtedly been one of the surprises of this new Anthill adapted to the state of alarm.

The reflections and advice of Pablo Motos at the beginning of each program have not only been very well received by viewers, but they also make him Trending Topic practically every day. How can he not continue squeezing the orange! He did it again last night, once again, another day. Pablo Motos takes advantage of any small loophole to leave the Executive and his ass, especially Pedro Sánchez, with whom the relationship has been worse than bad (since the President refused to come as a guest in the last two elections). Taking into account that every day the orange is filled with juice again, the presenter no longer cuts a hair: if it is necessary to give it, it is given, and if not, well.

A week ago I was driving him, but well driven by the lack of agreement between the political forces and the errors of the president to dialogue and count on the other parties. On Tuesday, again, with the excuse of the de-escalation plan presented by Sánchez and at the cost of serious errors in the purchase of protection material, tests, masks, etc. And last night again. It doesn't matter how it starts, it doesn't matter what I'm going to talk about, I always find the hole through which to drop the zasca that most want to hear against the Government and, especially, against Sánchez .

Pablo Motos started the program last night by asking a question whose objective did not seem to be to stoke the president again, but rather to question the so-called anti-vaccines. " What about the anti-vaccines now? " Pablo Motos chuckled, looking at his table of collaborators. "Do not put it on, right? Anti-vaccines can not put it on now. It is as if the Prime Minister says that he does not trust a person and then appoints him Vice President ." Whoops! Not five minutes of the program and the first, and not the only one, that was going to fall, again, on Sánchez and the Government.

"Well, I didn't want to talk about this, I wanted to talk about something else," the presenter was trying to change his third, although I'm already telling you that it's almost impossible for him. "Do you remember that before the Spanish shops closed, the Chinese closed. I believe that the government should wait for the Chinese to open before lifting the confinement. Neither phase 1, nor 2, nor anything, when the Chinese opens." ... And the blows keep falling. Second reflection, second blow to the Government . "Actually, I didn't want to talk about this either," Pablo Motos repeated as if we were going to believe it. There was still mud for a while.

"It looks like he sleeps in a car"

"I am trying to find what I wanted to talk about," he replied to one of his collaborators when he pointed out to him what he wanted to talk about then. The bile, which can even with the rung. "In a very short time everyone will go out to play sports. I am looking forward to seeing the Usain Bolt de garrafa (...) Of those who will thank that only one kilometer can go out. Many people who will say that I do I am running here being able to be at home watching La Casa de Papel . Well, this was not the subject either. " And what was the theme? Because between the hosts to the Government and the messing around with the runners, there was no way for Motos to focus. I think that when El Monagulllo goes as a collaborator, Pablo Motos loses the yin and the yan, and he doesn't even know which camera he has to look at.

Well, it turns out that the subject was none other than ... -Come on, who can guess? The issue was none other than giving the government another blow, but since Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias already have them very hackneyed and, after all, there is something to give and take, since Pablo Motos found another target to target. And it was none other than Fernando Simón , the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health, which has become the most visible face (even in his house after quarantine) of the coronavirus in Spain. You think coronavirus in Spain and the first image that comes to mind is not the cartoon of the virus, the first image that comes to mind is that of Fernando Simón.

It was taking Pablo Motos to put his hand in the punching bag and get one for Simón. "Don't Fernando Simón's answers seem too long to you?" Motos threw into the air. "I forget even the question," Luis Piedrahita answered from the table of collaborators. "How is that man, it seems that he has been sleeping in a car for several days ," said Pablo Motos , causing the laughter of his collaborators and without a hair of his beard moving. "Total. It seems that they have just woken him up. 'Come on, Fernando, get up!'" Added Marron. "His voice has become more and more acute. Now he has a voice that when he talks, the dolphins turn around ," Pablo Motos returned to finish the job. "Well, tomorrow if I tell you what I was going to tell you today," he told the audience.

In other words, he did not want to talk about Sánchez (Ha ha ha! Sorry I was laughing), he did not want to talk about runners, nor did he want to mess around with Fernando Simón . He does not believe it, nor does he "wine". And I am not saying that Simon's voice and appearance are only peculiar, but I would not have the audacity to make fun of him, taking into account not only the mess of work that he must wear, but he has also become the target of all criticism of the Government. It is the face of the conoravirus , it is he who goes out every day to give the appropriate explanations, he is the one who is held accountable when the government screw up and he is the one who has to gut heart and hold onto a work, say, pedagogical to try to get out and get the government out of the impasses in which they get into and in which Simon himself also falls.

Maybe, the hunk is superfluous, maybe the mockery is superfluous. There are dozens of reasons to question the mistakes made by the Executive and Fernando Simón himself, without getting too disheveled, but perhaps one should stop to think about why Simón has a more deteriorated aspect every day or why his voice is increasingly sharp. Perhaps it is because the tiredness and exhaustion that this accumulated man must have no longer gives him neither to comb his hair nor to take care of his voice. Perhaps, the pressure, having to face each day when you know that they are going to break you and, despite this, trying to explain things in the best possible way that they can and that they leave you, are reasons more than weight so that the last thing you can criticize or laugh about is your physical appearance. But anyway, if the case is to give the government a host , it seems that anything goes.

El recadito by Fernando Simón

It may be that Pablo Motos was not very amused that after demanding the use of masks as mandatory and criticizing the Government for it in the program on Tuesday, Fernando Simón answered him in a cover this Wednesday, pointing out that "not everyone can wearing masks because there are people with respiratory problems, who can suffer anxiety attacks, athletes, children ... Making it mandatory is not something that can be considered very lightly ". It must be that Motos did not sit well with Simon's undercover .

Finished the start and the speech and one could think of something else butterfly. Well look at you, no. As they returned from advertising and already at the table with the collaborators they began to talk about the "topic of the day", the de-escalation plan that Pedro Sánchez announced on Tuesday and that 48 hours later we continue to translate the Spanish. "Let's go with the theme of the day: the de-escalation plan. The de-escalation plan in the four steps has not been understood by Los Lobos de Boom . We are in chaos ." Another milk, as few had fallen. And I am not saying that I am not right because even resurrecting Einstein I would not be able to understand and clarify myself with the de-escalation plan, but go ahead, Pablo, go ahead, you leave the sprinkler on and then you forget to turn it off. There is the Merlos Place and then the milk from Pablo Motos to the Government .

It seems that the thing stayed there, but more than because Pablo Motos did not want to give more milk to Sánchez and the Government, because when El Monaguillo begins to speak and tell his anecdotes there is no longer any room for tack, for wiggles, or for hosts. Thank goodness, because this new version of El Hormiguero is supposed to be there , to make people laugh, to relieve ourselves for a while ... And I'm not saying that you don't have to give when you have to give, but every day, at all hours , every minute ... But if when they began to talk about the aliens and the videos declassified by the UFO Pentagon, I believed that it would also give the government a new blow.

No, not anymore, the moment of laughter and good vibes began, the moment when Marron says that once he cleaned the windows of his house with his mother's pee, or that Pablo Motos at the parties of His town got two heifers and he flew, or El Monaguillo almost burned his house down for starting a game on his Spectrum. And then David Bisbal and his good roll arrived in quarantine, and then Ainhoa ​​Arteta and his "seven dogs, five cats and two parrots" arrived, with whom the confinement is happening, in addition, of course, to his family.

A David Bisbal , for example, he has to get into the kitchen and let his wife cut his hair Rosana. While Ainhoa ​​Arteta enjoys his chaos and thinking that something good is going to come out of everything that is happening to us. "I really believe in humanity, especially Spain is a country that knows how to reinvent itself, although it will not be easy," said the singer, who also did not want to miss the opportunity to claim the place that culture deserves.

"Each one sweeps for what they have, but let's not forget that the world is made of music, they have it as a secondary thing, culture, and it is a mistake. The leaders of the country should consider something to help the theaters that They are going to open at 50%. But in general, we are going to need a lot of help, not only financial, but social, "he said. "Will love or fear win?" Motos asked him. Ainhoa ​​Arteta did not hesitate in his response: "Love will win."

Perhaps it is so and I won love, but it will also win the boredom and the tension to which that boredom and that anger that is more present every day leads you. If before the health crisis, tension was a constant in our lives, now every day that we spend locked up, every day that we spend with doubts, every day that we spend deciphering the unknowns that this situation raises for us and that they do not clarify, victory it will be closer to fear than to love. You have to laugh, you have to cry, you have to criticize, but you also have to leave a gap for nothing, for respite, for us. Without Simon's hair, neither the riddles of the desiccating plan, nor the hosts that we already know all deserve Just for that, for what Arteta said, to reinvent ourselves and let love win - how corny that has sounded! -

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