Zhongxin.com, Beijing, April 29. Affected by the epidemic, offline concerts, music festivals, and livehouse performances have stalled, and the music industry has once fallen into a halt. "Cloud performance" has become the norm, but on the other hand, the income of musicians is still difficult to obtain Ensure that the audience's voice for high-quality performances is also increasing.

  On April 28, Modern Sky announced that it will officially open an industry-normalized online live broadcast project called "Strawberry Nebula" to bring high-quality performance content to music fans. Diversification, high quality and heavy interaction will be its core Experience, at the same time, will also start the trial and breakthrough of online paid content, to create an important connection and expression platform in the industry through the Internet.

Modern Sky launched the "Strawberry Nebula" program. Photo courtesy of the organizer

  As early as February 4, Modern Sky launched the industry's first online music project: "Hi, I am also at home-Zhai strawberry is not a music festival", and then cooperated with multiple Internet platforms to launch "Hi, I am also online "," Modern OK! "," Little Strawberry on the Cloud "," Modern, received! "," ON AIR "," Reshape the Margin of Reality "and other projects. Among them, some projects have been commercialized, allowing dozens of musicians to obtain income through live broadcast during the epidemic, which has opened up a good path for later online music activities in multiple industries.

  But looking back on the entire music industry, there are still very few artists who earn income through home broadcast, there is no revenue without sponsorship or platform pay, and it is difficult for the "home-made" model to provide music fans with high-quality performance content.

  In the context of other industries that have already realized paid experiences, the trend of paid experiences in the music industry has gradually taken shape in recent years. In the current epidemic, offline music festivals and Livehouse stagnation will prompt the music industry to take an important step in online paid experience. Strawberry Nebula plans to integrate high-quality performances, entertainment interviews, and online interaction into a core experience, diversified content models to explore music New possibilities for monetization.

LIVEHOUSE "MODERN SKY LAB" under Modern Sky. Photo courtesy of the organizer

The modern sky studio "MODERN SKY STUDIO". Photo courtesy of the organizer

  It is worth mentioning that "Strawberry Nebula" is not only for domestic artists, but will also reach a cooperation intention with several overseas bands through "Influencing the Voice of the City". They will start paying live broadcast through "Strawberry Nebula" at the right time. In addition, the content produced by "Strawberry Nebula" will be distributed on multiple platforms in addition to being broadcast on its own platform "on site".

  It is reported that the follow-up plan and detailed experience of "Strawberry Nebula" will be officially released on the modern sky official platform in the near future. (Finish))