Sylvie Meis told Jeroen van der Boom when she promised for his program Hoge Bomen that she would do such an interview with him alone. On Show let them know that the 'disarming' presenter knew her to move and seduce to sing.

"Jeroen has something, he has something disarming," says Meis. "I told him when he called me that I wouldn't do this to anyone but him."

Meis admits that the presenter managed to get more out of her than she had expected beforehand. "Before I sing on a show ... I can't sing at all." She also became emotional during the shooting after a photo of her grandmother appeared on the screen. "I was shocked when I saw my grandma so big. I was completely full."

"The whole program is full of surprises. I fell from one surprise to another," said the presenter of the show, in which Van der Boom interviews well-known Dutch people about their lives using music fragments.

"Sylvie does not want to say anything about her private life, but because I am open and because her brother is there, she changes. Then I dare to ask about something she would rather not say about", Van der Boom previously told the broadcast.

Hoge Bomen with Sylvie Meis can be seen on SBS6 on Saturday 2 May at 9.30 pm.

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