Preventing hospital-acquired infections on smartphones Developed by a venture company in Tokyo New Corona April 29, 11:51

While nosocomial infection is a problem with the new coronavirus, if a person infected in a medical institution comes out, a system that allows you to immediately find a contact person in the hospital using a smartphone application, a venture company in Tokyo Developed by.

This system was developed by a medical-related IT venture company in Tokyo. By having a smartphone with an app in it, medical personnel can communicate with small sensors installed in various places in the hospital and automatically record detailed data of when, who, and where.

It is possible to display the moving route in the building with an image, and if an infected person comes out, it is possible to quickly determine where the contact was made.

Also, if you are treating an infected person at a medical institution, you can add a function that sounds a warning if you accidentally approach an area that may be infected by a virus.

With regard to the new coronavirus, there have been a series of nosocomial infections among medical personnel and patients nationwide, and according to the NHK summary as of 21st of this month, nearly 10% of domestic infected cases had nosocomial infections or suspected cases. It has become.

Koji Kojima, the president of the company that developed the app, said, "Healthcare professionals are fighting against viruses in harsh conditions. By using this app, we want to improve the safety of people engaged in medical care." I am talking.