Gambling is almost non-existent in this period of confinement - Illustration / Pixabay

No games to bet on, no casino to go to ... For some it may seem trivial, but for others, it can prove to be a real ordeal. Addiction to gambling can, like alcohol addiction or drug addiction, cause withdrawal syndrome. These almost two months of confinement that occurred as a result of the coronavirus crisis could be or are extremely complicated to manage for people in this situation.

We would like. Also, if you are "addicted" to gambling and other bets, your testimony interests us. How do you do during confinement? Do you go to online gaming sites? On the contrary, did this period allow you to wean yourself off? Is someone close to you in this situation? You can testify by filling out the form at the end of the article. We can anonymize contributions to your request.

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