In response to the injury of the abused girl Yu Mouqian in Jiansanjiang Reclamation Area, Heilongjiang Province, on April 29, the staff of the relevant department of Harbin Children ’s Hospital told Peng Pai News ( that the injured girl was transferred to the hospital for treatment this morning. "It's still in the ICU, and it's not in good condition, it's particularly heavy, and it's life-threatening."

  The staff member said that now Harbin Children's Hospital has organized experts from the whole hospital to conduct consultations to fully treat the injured girl.

  The staff member revealed that the police station in the jurisdiction where the hospital is located is also in the hospital and the case is under investigation. When the little girl was treated in the local hospital, the medical staff who had received the consultation had called the police. It is reported that a 4-year-old girl from Jiamusi Jiansanjiang Farm was beaten.

  According to previous reports from Peng Mei News, recently, a four-year-old girl from a farm in Jiansanjiang Reclamation District, Heilongjiang Province was beaten by her biological father's cohabiting woman and was seriously hospitalized and sent to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). After the hospital called the police, the local police intervened. The girl has bruises, bites and burns on her body.

  Some Weibo netizens reported that the girl was suspected of being beaten to cause intracranial hemorrhage and "part of her lips were cut". Multiple pictures show that the child has multiple scars and lip ulcers.

  The girl's parents divorced. During her life with her father, the girl was beaten several times by Qu Moumou, a woman living with her father.

  According to the Beijing News, the injured girl ’s neighbor claimed that the girl ’s father denied to the neighbor that he was involved in the child ’s beating and said, “How could his own daughter be beaten?”

  On April 28, a person familiar with the matter told Mr. Peng Mei News that the girl who had been beaten was previously injured and had to seek medical treatment many times. On April 8, when the girl went to the local Fujin City Central Hospital for medical treatment, the hospital's medical staff had already reported to the police once. But the girl ’s father did not admit that the child was injured by the fight, saying that the child injured himself.

  At 12: 2 on the 29th, the local police mentioned in the second report that Qu Moumou and Yu Moulong confessed that the girl's father Yu Moulong had beaten Yu Mou with his hand, data cable, and broom. On January 10, 2020, Yu Moulong will live with a Qian from the grandfather's home in Huachuan County to the entrepreneurial farm. In order to vent her dissatisfaction, Qu Moumou, a woman living with Yu Moulong, repeatedly beat her with fists, scalded with boiling water, grabbed the victim's hair and hit the wall. On the morning of April 23, 2020, Qu Moumou's right hand was dragged against Mourin's collar, and he would force Mourin's head against the door frame and door panel of the bathroom, causing Yu Mourin to shake and roll his eyes. After the case was taken and the forensic clinical examination was carried out, the forensic doctor initially identified that Yu Mouqian was caused by mechanical external force, causing subdural hematoma with cerebral compression symptoms and signs, which belongs to the second grade of serious injury; bilateral nasal bones caused by mechanical external force Fractures are classified as minor injuries; in addition, girls also have surface abrasions, bites and burns.

  The injured girl ’s biological mother, Ms. Zhang, told Peng Mei News that her daughter was transferred to Harbin Children ’s Hospital for treatment on the morning of the 29th. She and her children's grandparents were accompanied in the hospital. The child's operation was successful, but he was still in a coma. "Except for intracranial hemorrhage, the child has scars all over his body and face."

  "My only thought now is to focus on my girl's medical treatment." Ms. Zhang said, "I don't want my daughter to be hurt so badly again, I will fight for custody. Those who hurt my girl will have to give Explain. "

  Ms. Zhang said she divorced her daughter's biological father in 2018. At that time, the child was more than two years old, and the court awarded the child to his father, "I want to fight for the custody of the child, but it was unsuccessful." Since then, the child has been living with grandparents. The two old men are very kind to their children, and she always goes to see her daughter. "We always meet, I lead her to play, we have a good relationship."

  Ms. Zhang said that at the end of December 2019, she had also met with her children. Later, the child went to live with his biological father. Because of the epidemic, she didn't go to visit, and she was beaten like this unexpectedly.

  According to the latest police report, Jiansanjiang People's Procuratorate has already intervened in the case in advance. The suspects Qu Moumou and Yu Moulong have been criminally detained by Jiansanjiang Branch of the Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Bureau for suspected intentional injury.

  Reporter Yu Yan Zhu Xuan Lu Xinwen