[Commentary] On April 28, the reporter saw at the Yunnan Wildlife Park that after five months of absence, the giant panda Mochi bamboo meets with the tourists again in his "new villa".

  【Explanation】 In order to improve the life and welfare of giant pandas, Yunnan Wild Animal Park Giant Panda Pavilion will be upgraded and renovated on November 21, 2019, and experts will be invited to provide on-site guidance to the giant panda pavilion. After many renovations and upgrades, the project was completed on January 1, 2020, and passed the acceptance of the expert group organized by the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau.

  【Concurrent period】 (Tourist)

  Its (Panda) house is particularly beautiful. (I haven't seen it in a long time) It's been five months. (Want or not) Think.

  【Explanation】 The upgraded panda pavilion is divided into two floors, including 2 indoor sports fields with a total area of ​​324 square meters, 2 outdoor sports fields with a total area of ​​1400 square meters, 6 cages, and monitoring rooms and medical rooms. , Feed processing room, feed storage room and other facilities.

  [Same period] (Mao Duoyi, a staff member of Yunnan Wildlife Park)

  We built a small second floor for them this time. Inside the small second floor is its inner sports ground. The inner sports ground is air-conditioned, and then there are some environments and perches that he likes. Then we also made some abundance in the outer sports ground. I built some new perch frames and planted new trees to make the whole environment look better, including rockery and waterfall.

  【Explanation】 In order to cope with the possible high temperature, the 2 sports fields and 6 cages inside the Giant Panda Pavilion of Yunnan Wildlife Park are equipped with fully functional central air conditioning.

  [Explanation] The outdoor part of the new giant panda pavilion is equipped with abundance facilities such as perch, rockery, spray, pool, and parasol according to the natural environment. In terms of planting green plants, bushes and trees common in the wild of giant pandas were selected to simulate the wild living environment of giant pandas.

  [Same period] (Mao Duoyi, a staff member of Yunnan Wildlife Park)

  Because they (the giant pandas) are all grown-up, and then our giant pandas, our two male giant pandas can't be put together in adulthood, so we also made an inner playground and an outer playground for each panda.

  [Explanation] Overall, the new giant panda pavilion relies on the unique mountain construction of the zoo, coupled with the newly expanded indoor sports ground and better facilities, which can make the giant panda live more comfortable in the Yunnan Wild Animal Park.

  [Commentary] The giant panda Zhenduo, who is still adapting to the new environment, will also meet with tourists during the May Day holiday.

  Reporter Du Xiaoxiao Kunming reports

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]