Quinty Trustfull will not be returning to Coffee Time yet . The 48-year-old presenter will remain in the United States for the time being, where her husband Orlando Trustfull works, she announced on Tuesday via her Instagram page.

"Yesterday, along with my work, I decided to stay with my husband here in Atlanta for the time being. And I'm very grateful for that," writes Trustfull, whose partner works as an assistant coach at American football club Atlanta United. She has been living in the United States since the beginning of March.

Upon returning to the Netherlands, Trustfull should be quarantined for another two weeks, while the Coffee Time season is about to end. Ultimately, she could only present four episodes of the television program, because channel RTL has decided that only one presenter can join. Trustfull is one of the regular faces of Coffee Time , alongside Loretta Schrijver and Pernille La Lau .

Trustfull does not have the certainty that she can still travel to the United States when she returns to the Netherlands. There, for the time being, an entry ban applies to all travelers who have been in the Netherlands.

"That could just take months. And since my husband is unfortunately not able to leave here, we would not be able to be together for a very long time. And that is the last thing you want in this difficult time. That idea alone made very sad. "

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