New Corona Delivering food and daily necessities to people at home Tokyo Adachi April 28, 14:50

In order to support the lives of people who have been infected by the new coronavirus and are being treated at home, Adachi-ku, Tokyo has started an initiative to provide a “home treatment set” containing food and daily necessities for one week. It was

Adachi-ku, Tokyo, has started to ask about 20 people in the ward to take home treatment from April 20 so that people who are receiving medical treatment may go out to buy food and daily necessities and not spread the infection. We started to deliver "sets".

The items to be delivered at one time are for one week, and at the first time, 22 items of food such as mineral water, retort rice and side dishes and fruits, and 5 items of daily necessities such as tissue paper, soap and garbage bags are provided per person for the first time. I am.

In addition to this, in order to prevent infection at home, masks and alcohol disinfectants are provided from the ward's stockpile, and baby diapers, milk, sanitary products, etc. will be delivered if desired. I am.

In the ward, he referred to similar efforts being made in Taiwan and South Korea, and said Yuko Baba, the general manager of the Health Department, said, "Some people choose to have home treatment if they have a small child and do not have a deposit. People have said that they were “helpful” and “relieved,” so I would like to continue to listen carefully to the situation and adjust the items in the set. ”