King Willem-Alexander celebrates his 53rd birthday at home with his family on Monday. Due to the corona crisis, the day on which the royal family was originally supposed to be in Maastricht has been renamed Woningsdag.

Together with their three daughters Amalia, Alexia and Ariane, the king and queen are 'present' on the platform, an initiative of the Royal Association of Orange Societies, among others.

The Concertgebouw Orchestra has called on the Dutch to sing the Wilhelmus from the window at 10:00, after which Willem-Alexander speaks a short message. This is broadcast live by the NOS Journaal.

Furthermore, all kinds of initiatives can be followed via, such as the Enzolympics by vlogger Enzo Knol and a quiz about the space by André Kuipers. Jeroen van der Boom gives a request hour on the piano and Ben Cramer sings a song for the care.

The day ends at 4 pm with a toast by the king.

The royal family in Lech at the end of February during the annual photo session. Currently, the king and queen mainly work from home because of all the coronavirus measures. (Photo: BrunoPress)