Manufacture of fabric masks in Cannes on April 20 (illustration). - SYSPEO / SIPA

You may have seen them on a friend's Facebook wall or in your mailbox. Because poisons are becoming more and more common with news, writing  20 Minutes  helps you sort out the true from the false.

1. Did a scientific committee recommend wearing the mask two months before confinement?

An official document dated January 22 is relayed in recent days on social networks. Published almost two months before confinement by Coreb, a scientific commission dependent on the Ministry of Health,

2. Can we pay more than 2,000 euros at the hospital to be treated with Covid-19?

A patient, treated in hospital for coronavirus, published her hospital bill on social networks. Its amount, which exceeds 2,000 euros, angered the patient.

3. Is there a lack of “scientific consensus” on the usefulness of masks for all, as Sibeth Ndiaye says?

The government spokeswoman pointed out on Monday the lack of "scientific consensus" about the wearing of the mask by the whole population to fight against the coronavirus. 

4. Are the AP-HP nursing staff equipped with garbage bags for protection?

Plastic bags supposed to serve as protective gowns are well used in several AP-HP establishments, as 20 Minutes has been able to verify  . They were produced in an emergency by a company normally specialized in the manufacture of garbage bags.

5. Please note, this map of France for deconfinement is not official

It is a card produced by a medical website. Although based on data from the French public health agency, it is not official.

6. No, intestinal bacteria are not responsible for the death of coronavirus patients

A viral message on social networks says that an intestinal bacterium, prevotella , is the cause of the many deaths linked to Covid-19.

7. Yes, the French army did order chloroquine “as a precaution”

For many Internet users, a video supposed to show a delivery of chloroquine to the French army would prove the effectiveness of the treatment against the Covid-19 advocated by Didier Raoult. 

8. Traces of Covid-19 in water in Paris?

If the tap water is safe for consumption, that which circulates in the sanitation networks may contain traces of the virus. As a consequence, traces of Covid-19 are present in sewage sludge or natural environments.

9. Watch out for misleading figures comparing deaths from Covid-19

Coronavirus much less deadly than seasonal flu? This kind of reconciliation, figures to support, which prevails on social networks, is not relevant, because the statistics of the Covid-19 are far from being frozen.

10. Will students have to bring their meals to school starting May 11?

Nothing has yet been done for the start of the May 11 school year because the government has not yet made public the deconfinement procedures.

11. No, bars, restaurants and hotels are not already closing their doors

If the sector is very worried, the number of activity sales is, for the moment, equivalent to that of last year at the same time.

12. “Oh My Fake” explains why the rumor linking Covid-19 and 5G spread at high speed

Waves + epidemic. The rumored winning combo that 20 Minutes decrypts on video here. 

13. No, dolphins were not filmed in the port of Hyères during confinement

A video showing two dolphins swimming in a port is widely shared by internet users convinced that the scene was filmed in the Var city.

14. No, this video does not show riots in the suburbs during confinement

A video dating from February 2017 circulates news on social networks.

15. This video also does not show riots caused by the drop in oil prices

A video of degradations committed on the day of the inauguration of Donald Trump, in 2017, was taken out of context and linked to the drop in oil prices due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Bonus: A fact-check from our colleagues

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, did not send a "strong message to Africans" about the Covid-19, says the BBC.


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