Tomatoes, mint and basil. (Illustration) - Louise MERESSE / SIPA

News is not just about masks, deconfinement or vaccines. Here is our selection of items guaranteed virus-free.

1 - Beatles or Rolling Stones?

The largest group in the world is? The opinions diverge and Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney, via interposed media, restarted the war between fans of the two English groups. A war to laugh but with very sharp arguments!

2 - Giroud one more year at Chelsea

But why ? To hold or replace? The English club would have exercised the option to extend the striker to the France team.

3 - We put our hands in the ground

During this period of confinement, it is an opportunity to indulge in gardening even in the city on the edge of your window. A little tutorial to grow tomatoes and basil.

Because it is also good to dream, we suggest that you roll your eyes.

And to do good to your ears, we invite you to discover behind the scenes of the profession of Jamy Gourmaud, the presenter of C'est pas sorcier, among our podcasts .


Three virus-free news: Macron's Twitter account spoofing, mini-adventurers and Jordan on Netflix

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