Beijing News (Reporter Pan Wenbo) Qingdao Xiaozhushan fire revived today and is still fighting tonight. Residents in the surrounding area told the Beijing News that the fire was fierce at night and the fire was soaring, and residents in the neighborhood had evacuated for safety. The staff of the Qingdao fire alarm station said that at present, firefighters are still fighting on the scene.

  The Beijing News previously reported that Shandong Xiaozhu Mountain was extinguished after a fire broke out on April 23, and the fire resumed at noon on the 24th. The staff at the scene relied on helicopters to fetch water to extinguish the fire.

  Mr. Hao, a resident of the community around Xiaozhu Mountain, told the Beijing News reporter that the fire was fierce tonight after the resurgence of the mountain fire. "It seems that the area of ​​the fire was larger than last night." The line of fire stretched down, the red flames soared into the sky, and the sky was covered with thick smoke. Another video shows that a wildfire has burned down the road.

  Mr. Liu lives in a small town in Qingdao near Xiaozhu Mountain. He told the Beijing News reporter that he received an evacuation notice from the property manager of the community last night. At noon today, he looked at Xiaozhu Mountain from the community and could see the fire and smoke . Later, the wildfire spread, and a large thick smoke still floated over the community.

  "Property staff also participated in the fire fighting, and also asked us to evacuate as soon as possible, bring our documents and light valuables. In addition, we also prepared water and food for us." Mr. Liu said that many residents have already evacuated the Qingdao small town community.

  At about 22:00, a reporter from the Beijing News called the 120 Fire Alarm Station in Qingdao. A staff member said that at present, the firefighters were still fighting the wildfires on the scene, and the fire trucks also drove to the scene. "Everything you can go."