Kawasaki Women in their 80s died 5 infection confirmed New Corona April 25 15:49

Kawasaki announced that a woman in her 80s who had been hospitalized due to the new coronavirus died, and five men and women, including two minors, were newly infected with the new coronavirus.

According to Kawasaki City, a woman in her 80s living in Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki City, died. From the 7th of this month, symptoms such as fever appeared, and he was transported to a medical institution on the 14th by ambulance. On the next day, he was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus and was hospitalized.

The woman died of pneumonia due to the new coronavirus on the 22nd of this month because she had a chronic disease in her lungs.

According to the city, it was confirmed that five men and women up to their 40s were newly infected, including boys under the age of 10 and women in their teens.

Of these, a male employee in his 40s is seriously ill and is admitted to a hospital in the city, but the remaining four are mild illnesses.

Also, the two minors are children who live with a man in his 40s who has already been confirmed to have been infected, and it is believed that the man was infected.

For the other three, the route of infection is unknown.