Eva Hamilton says that there is a striking concern among the Film and TV producers' affiliates.

- There are quite a few who are flagging for considerable difficulties this fall and possible closures and bankruptcies towards the end of the year, she says.

Eva Hamilton is not surprised by the lack of financial support, but she is disappointed.

- There are many jobs that are about where many are project employees, she says and continues:

- I am disappointed that the support so far has been so focused on larger companies with permanent staff. The small companies have very little benefit from what has been presented so far, but at the same time they account for a large part of the jobs.

Want to see targeted actions against small businesses

During Friday, the government held a press conference announcing how the aid should be distributed. Anna Serner, CEO of Svenska Filminstutet, says that they will redistribute their reserves as the production companies fall completely outside the support measures.

- We are happy with the crisis package but of course the money is not enough. As soon as we have received the first support money, we start with the next phase where we dissolve so much of the reserves we have to the production companies, ”says Anna Serner.

Eva Hamilton sees a need for more support for those who produce film and TV and she wants to see more money for the film institute.

- Now you just redistribute, they get no new money. There is a need for new money for the film institute that can go to the dream producers. I would like to see targeted measures against small companies, ie pure cash support measures that would then also include film and TV producers, ”says Eva Hamilton.