Mask sales on purchase tickets distributed by Fukui Prefecture New Coronavirus April 24, 12:48

As masks continued to run short, sales of masks with purchase tickets distributed by Fukui Prefecture began on 24th at drugstores throughout the prefecture so that all households could purchase them equally.

Fukui Prefecture will secure 420,000 masks of 50 pieces per box, and will send a purchase ticket to all households, which can be purchased up to 2 boxes. Has started selling.

Among them, the customers in the Eiheiji-cho store visited one after another immediately after opening the store at 9 am.

When the customer presented the purchase voucher at the cash register, the clerk read the barcode on the ticket and sold the mask.

There are 64 drug stores in Fukui prefecture, and you can buy masks sold with purchase tickets for 2350 yen per box including tax without adding profit.

A man in his 80s who visited the store said, "I haven't had a mask wherever I went to a pharmacy. I'm glad I could buy this time because I don't know how long this situation will last."

Masks secured by Fukui Prefecture are expected to arrive in large quantities at the end of this month, and the prefecture is calling for a staggered visit after the 5th of next month.