Saitama A device for health observation in a hotel for mildly ill patients New coronavirus April 24 19:16

In Saitama prefecture, where two men who had been waiting at home died of a new coronavirus died, in order to prepare for changes in the patient's condition, the oxygen concentration in the blood is measured at a hotel where people with mild illness are staying. 10 devices have been newly deployed.

In Saitama prefecture, it was revealed that two men who had been waiting at home for being infected with the new coronavirus and were mildly ill had died.

Under these circumstances, in Saitama Prefecture, a device called a "pulse oximeter" that measures the oxygen concentration in blood was installed in a hotel in Omiya Ward, Saitama City, which the prefecture borrowed to prepare for changes in the patient's condition so that people with mild illness could be treated. , 10 units were newly deployed on the 24th.

It means that doctors and nurses will be on standby 24 hours a day at the hotel to check the patient's condition using new equipment when observing health twice a day. In Saitama Prefecture, this equipment will be sequentially installed at health centers in various places where the health of infected persons waiting at home will be monitored.