Governor of Koike, Tokyo Pachinko store that does not accept holidays To announce the store name on 28th April 15:00

Governor Koike of Tokyo will continue to open pachinko parlors that will continue to operate, but if he / she is unable to accept requests for closure after repeatedly making written requests and on-site confirmations, he will continue to Article 45 of the Act on Special Measures against New Coronavirus Measures on 28th of this month. I showed the idea to announce the store name based on.

Governor Koike of Tokyo, at a press conference on the 24th, said of the pachinko store that the capital has requested to close due to the spread of the new coronavirus, `` There is information that some stores are still open Approximately 200 cases, 96 stores have been sent. Currently, we are confirming the business of individual stores, and we made a telephone suspension request to 41 stores that we could confirm. ”

After that, he said, "We will organize 15 exclusive teams by checking and confirm on site from tomorrow and make individual requests as needed. In the future, we will make a request in writing and confirm the site again, and on April 28th next week, For stores that cannot cooperate, we would like to start requesting and publicizing the store name under Article 45, Paragraph 2 of the Special Measures Law. "If you are not allowed to take a leave, on the 28th of this month, the Special Measures Law for New Coronavirus Measures Based on Article 45 of the above, we announced the idea to announce the store name and make a request.