As the issue of the 'puppy factory' swept across the country four years ago, many people were shocked by the terrible condition of the puppies we bought at the pet shop. But things still don't seem to have improved. Not long ago, the incident of the 'Cat Factory' in Busan was revealed to the world.

A woman in her 60s and a son in her 40s who were illegally raising 253 cats at a family home in Suyeong-gu, Busan, were caught by the police. As a result of the seizure search, the two have been illegally breeding, including raising and selling hundreds of cats in an environment that is unsuitable for breeding. More than half of the cats found were kittens. In particular, the two hats used unqualified medical treatments, such as placing the animal vaccine on the cat several times with a disposable syringe. Eventually, the police sent two people to the prosecution on charges of animal abuse (violation of the Animal Protection Act) and unlicensed treatment (violation of the veterinarian law).

** For reference, if a person who is not a veterinarian practices animal treatment such as injection, he / she is punished for violating the veterinarian law (prohibition of unlicensed medical treatment). (Prisonment for not more than two years or a fine not exceeding 20 million won)

However, a question arises here.

The two aren't
even veterinarians . where. Did you get the syringe and vaccine?

Really ridiculous, anyone can go to an animal pharmacy to live. This is the current situation in Korea. As a result, it is happening that the guardians of the pets are inoculated directly to their pet dogs and cats without worrying. He commits a new illegal act that he does not know.

As the animal pharmacy sells the vaccine without any restrictions, the guardians naturally think, "Isn't that what you're selling for?" Prohibition of reckless animal drug sales as soon as possible prevents guardians from being punished, as well as prevents terrible animal abuse cases, such as the 'puppy factory' and 'cat factory'.

Here is another point to consider. Is it a good idea to sell animal vaccines to the general public because of insufficient laws and systems, and to inoculate their pets directly even if they did not know that the guardians were illegal ? Vaccination seems simple, but it is not. In some cases, the needle was broken into the skin of a dog and had surgery, and in some cases, hematomas were caught at the injection site and suffered. There are also guardians who regret crying when their dog dies with shock. Self-inoculation is a dangerous activity. It is possible to lose the life of a precious companion animal in an instant.

When a person has a child, he or she is vaccinated. Naturally, the parents don't do it themselves, and they go to the hospital and give injections to the medical staff. This is natural. I want to ask people who inoculate vaccines directly from animals that they sell at the Animal Pharmacy.

Can you give the same shot to your son or daughter?

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