China Weather Network News Today and tomorrow (23-24), Beijing has clear weather and still has a gust of about 7. Tomorrow the temperature in Beijing will soar, the highest temperature can reach 28 ℃, warm return.

  Yesterday, the weather in Beijing was clear, the strong north wind continued, and the highest temperature was 16 ℃.

  Today and tomorrow, Beijing is still blowing north wind, and the temperature has risen further. The latest forecast from the Beijing Meteorological Observatory shows that Beijing is clear during the day today, and the north wind level 3 or 4 (gust gusts 6 and 7) changes to the second level, with a maximum temperature of 19 ℃;

  Tomorrow, the temperature in Beijing will soar. It is expected that tomorrow will be sunny during the day, northerly winds will turn to four, wind gusts will be around seven, and the maximum temperature can reach 28 ℃. The day after tomorrow, the highest temperature in Beijing will drop to 21 ℃.

  Experts reminded that Beijing is currently in the early warning of strong wind blue and forest fire danger orange, please pay attention to wind and fire prevention; weather is dry, please pay attention to timely replenishment of water, beware of colds.