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She preferred to confine herself to her parents in Saint-Brieuc (Côtes d'Armor) rather than in her apartment in Rennes. As a student at Rennes 2 University, Doriane had the unpleasant surprise to see her apartment squatted, reports Ouest-France . And since the occupants have been there for more than forty-eight hours, the young woman must initiate legal proceedings in order to find her apartment.

The door having been broken, there is little doubt that the Rennes student will succeed in the courts. But she is not sorry to have seen her furniture and all her belongings disappear. His lessons are gone.

Photos of his apartment on social networks

The apartment would be squatted by several migrants, who would have been helped by a new Rennes association, reports Ouest-France . The student learned about it by consulting social networks and discovering that her apartment was occupied by several people. It was a friend who alerted her, seeing the light in her apartment. The real estate agency which manages the hiring lodged a complaint, specifies the daily.

In Toulouse, a man had entered an absent student and was squatting his apartment. He had undertaken to sell his goods on the net. He was arrested.


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