■ Under the epidemic, many people ’s lifestyles have changed, and non-genetic inheritance has also quietly changed. As the first "non-heritage complex" in Shanghai, Hongqiao Incense Hall opened the "cloud" mode during the closure period. The owner of the incense hall specially set up online courses such as the production of epidemic prevention sachets and incense etiquette science. The traditional non-legacy is presented more flexibly and intuitively in front of the audience. With the help of the "cloud", this non-legacy experience museum also saves power for recovery

  "This is a patchouli leaf. We first remove the stalks and weeds and then grind it. Make sure that the sachets are not too fine, so that the aroma is easily volatilized. Each sachet contains 8 grams of medicinal herbs. Ancient sachets are all Red, this is because the ancients believed that fire can ward off evil spirits ... "In the middle of a scent of incense and incense, a live broadcast lesson on the production of an epidemic-proof sachet is in progress. The keynote speaker is Wu Qing, a non-genetic inheritor of the traditional incense affairs of Jiangnan literati in Changning District. He is the owner of Hongqiao Incense Museum, and now he has a new identity of "non-legacy anchor". The lens records the whole process of making sachets. At the same time, Wu Qing also talked about the different spices and the history of Qing palace medicine.

  Under the epidemic, many people's lifestyles have changed, and non-genetic inheritance has also quietly changed. As the first "non-legacy complex" in Shanghai, the Hongqiao Fragrance Museum is located deep in the green area of ​​the new Hongqiao Central Garden. In the past, people can enjoy the collection of incense utensils while visiting the park and experience the tradition for free Fragrant course. During the closing period, Hongqiao Xiangshi Museum opened the "cloud" mode, and Wu Qing specially set up online courses such as the production of epidemic prevention sachets and the science of etiquette etiquette, which presented the traditional non-legacy to the audience more flexibly and intuitively. On the latest "Culture Cloud" live broadcast, more than 80,000 people watched "Wen Xiang and Avoid Epidemic Diseases" by Wu Qing, and everyone can place an order "buy buy buy" while watching the live broadcast. This price is 35 yuan Tens of thousands of anti-epidemic sachets have been sold so far. When talking about the experience of "touching the net", Wu Qing was very emotional. The daily experience class of the offline Xiangshiguan was already the limit of 50 or 60 people. In the "cloud", it was infinitely enlarged, effectively expanding the new world of non-genetic inheritance.

  With the help of the "cloud", the non-heritage experience hall in this public green space also saves power for recovery. Wu Qing told reporters: "I did not expect that traditional literati incense is so popular on the Internet. Among them are many post-90s young people, and many people come to consult when the incense hall opens every day, hoping to experience a literati incense on the ground. Sense of ritual. "

  The Hongqiao Fragrance Museum, completed in less than a year, is a living inheritance and protection method of "non-heritage + cultural tourism" that is explored and built by Changning District with public space as a carrier. It integrates display, research, exchange and transmission. The legacy experience adds a leisurely and tranquil state of mind to the busy modern life, and is welcomed by the surrounding residents and tourists, especially the young white-collar workers in the post-85s and post-90s.

  "In the non-heritage entering the campus and outside the community, we are exploring more ways to let the non-heritage culture out of traditional venues and to the people." Zhou Xiaomei, director of the Changning District Folk Culture Center, told reporters that there are as many as 27 non-heritage projects in Changning District. If you only rely on the government's heritage protection and protection center exhibitions, "you can't queue up for a year." The Hongqiao Fragrant House is the first of its kind to embrace the public green space. It is supported by the park manager Shanghai Honglian Greening Engineering Co., Ltd. The Changning District Folk Culture Center and non-genetic inheritors inject cultural connotation, and a series of public cultural combinations Hereditary inheritance resonates harmoniously with public spaces.

  Inspired by this, Changning District will further build a brand project of cultural and tourism integration. Hongqiao Fragrance Museum will start a series of cultural trips with the theme of elegant traditional culture this year, including "Jiangnan literati fragrant training" and incense culture visits, a week's embroidering tour, stone carving and engraving trips, and traditional library flower arrangement design experience and many more. At the same time, it will also deeply explore the integration of non-heritage projects and public spaces, and use the "cloud" channel to allow non-heritage projects to embrace a wider world and allow good exhibitions to have a longer life span.

  Our reporter Zhou Yuan intern Wang Wanyi