"People hurt each other more than a virus" JRCS video release April 24 5:59


With the spread of the new coronavirus, prejudice and discrimination against medical staff and infected persons are becoming a problem, but the Japanese Red Cross is calm as saying that the situation where people are injured is more scary than the virus. We have released a video on the Internet that calls for appropriate responses.

This video titled "What comes after the virus" is published on the website of the Japanese Red Cross Society.

The video is a picture-book animation that depicts the spread of fear of a virus and people hurt each other, warning that such fear may be more fearful than a virus.

He called on him to realize that he has an excessive defense instinct at the root of criticism and discrimination, and as a countermeasure, stop and think of uncertain information, and eat and sleep properly as usual. , And knowing correctly, being afraid, and encouraging each other.

The issue of prejudice and discrimination among persons infected with the new coronavirus and healthcare workers is stressed by the recommendations of the government's expert council issued on 22nd.

The Japanese Red Cross Society that released the video said, "One of the problems with this infectious disease is that hatred and discrimination go to" people. "The person who must really fight is" virus "and" fear ". So, I want to tell you that you can overcome "fear" by uniting and encouraging each other. "