Nagasaki Port Cruise Ship All crew members rush to inspect new coronavirus April 23 5:34

In response to the fact that crew members of large cruise ships moored at Nagasaki Port have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus, Nagasaki Prefecture etc. prioritize crew members that are indispensable for operation, and all remaining crew members. I'm going to hurry the inspection.

At the Costa Atrinica, a large Italian-registered cruise ship that has been repaired at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki Shipyard's Koyaki Plant in the port of Nagasaki, the crew of the 623 crew members who have complained of symptoms so far A virus test was performed on 61 people, including 34 of whom were infected.

Nagasaki Prefecture and Nagasaki City are proceeding with tests for crew members who do not complain of symptoms, giving priority to about 130 people who are indispensable for ship operation. It is also expected to be revealed.

All other crew members want to complete the test within a few days, and if positive, they will stay in a private room on the ship and continue to be observed, and if symptoms become severe, they will be sent to a medical institution. I decide to carry it.

On the other hand, if a negative result is confirmed, the policy is to return to Japan as much as possible.

However, the Nagasaki Medical Association considers that if the number of infected people on cruise ships continues to increase, the medical system may be under pressure, and it will consider issuing its own declaration calling for a medical crisis.

In the future, the challenge will be to prevent further infection on board the ship and to prepare a medical system that can deal with crew members who have been confirmed to be infected.

The operating company is ...

Regarding the large cruise ship anchored at Nagasaki Port, a person in charge of Hong Kong of the operating company told the NHK, “I have been paying close attention to the health condition of the people on board, but today, 34 people were confirmed to be infected with the virus. We are informed that the containment measures are being carried out in parallel with the infection prevention measures on board the ship according to the instructions of the Japanese government and related authorities. "

On top of that, he said, "We will cooperate closely with the Japanese authorities to promote future actions."

He also revealed that the nationality of the people on board was 33.