The International Federation of Podiatry has published on its website the case of a 13-year-old Italian child who had complained two days earlier of the symptoms of his known Corona virus, such as high fever, joint pain and headache, but also blue spots on his toes, similar to a rash Or bedsores. A recent Italian study revealed that one of the five people with corona in hospitals showed such blue spots. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, "BBC", and the German "Ducci Villa".
 And it seems that the matter is not confined to Italy only. In the Journal of (American Academy of Dermatology) a case similar to a woman from Thailand was presented. In the United States, "ABC7" reported that a woman with corona appeared on her feet as well, and the woman told the station, "It was very painful."
The case study of the Italian child showed pictures of the ulcers that initially appeared as blue spots and developed until they became more like skin burns, then began to improve gradually until they disappeared completely.
With the number of people who have these patches likely to increase, medical associations in Spain and the United States of America called on medical staff in the world to write down and record these cases, so that they can be studied better.
The Spanish General Council of Colleges of Podiatrists posted on its website that these patches resemble ulceration of chickenpox or measles. The council called on parents to isolate children if they discovered these spots, and to promptly inform the specialist. In this case, it is possible to take pictures of the stains so that doctors can study them without exposing patients in clinics to the risk of infection.