Why so many misconceptions about snakes? (Replay)

Cover of the book "50 misconceptions about snakes", by Françoise Serre-Collet. © Quae Editions

By: Caroline Lachowsky

Why do snakes scare us so much? Between disgust, fear and fascination, why are they so unloved?


And if it was primarily out of ignorance, out of ignorance, but also because our heads are full of false ideas, beliefs, legends and implausible rumors that continue to circulate happily on the net. How to put a neck on all these misunderstandings on these creeping animals, cursed since the biblical story and which however have much more to fear from us than the opposite. Why and how to rehabilitate snakes?

Response from an all-terrain, passionate and fascinating herpetologist, Françoise Serre-Collet , who will make us discover fascinating beings, much more sensitive than we imagine.


  • Françoise Serre-Collet , herpetologist and scientific mediation officer at the MNHN's PatriNat Lab, author of 50 misconceptions about snakes , Quae Editions.

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(May 8, 2019 replay)

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